The Reciprocal Modular Brain in Economics and Politics Shaping the Rational and Moral Basis of Organ
Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Mammography Diagnosis and Pathological Analysis 1st Edition, Reprint
New Trends in Agent-Based Complex Automated Negotiations
Central Neural Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Regulation, Vol. 2
Ice Composition and Glacier Dynamics
Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing Recent Trends
Team Performance in Health Care Assessment and Development Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edi
Creativity, Talent and Excellence
Recent Advances in Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Systems
Influenza Vaccines for the Future
Immunology and Its Impact on Infections in Surgery 1st Edition, Reprint
Lava Flows and Domes Emplacement Mechanisms and Hazard Implications
Symplectic Amalgams 1st Edition, Reprint
The Demography of Armed Conflict
Legionella Methods and Protocols
Phonon Dispersion Relations in Insulators
Real-Time Three-Dimensional Transesophageal Echocardiography A Step-By-Step Guide
Maturation Phenomenon in Cerebral Ischemia II Neuronal Recovery and Plasticity 1st Edition, Reprint
Fractal Modelling Growth and Form in Biology 1st Edition, Reprint
Economic Policy in a Monetary Union Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 2000
Advances in Computer Science, Environment, Ecoinformatics, and Education, Part II International Conf
Intracranial Pressure Experimental and Clinical Aspects
Chromium Oxidations in Organic Chemistry
An Introduction to Laser Spectroscopy 2nd Edition, Reprint
Managing Acute Coronary Syndromes in Clinical Practice
Mathematics and Culture I
Particles and Nuclei An Introduction to the Physical Concepts 2nd Edition
The Danish Language in the Digital Age
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Cholinesterase Functions
Aerosol Microphysics II Chemical Physics of Microparticles
Malignant Lymphomas Biology and Treatment : An Update
Between Certainty and Uncertainty Statistics and Probability in Five Units with Notes on Historical
Applied Informatics and Communication, Part IV International Conference, ICAIC 2011, Xian, China, A
Nephrology and Urology in the Aged Patient
Physics at KAON Hadron Spectroscopy, Strangeness, Rare Decays Proceedings of the International Meeti
Caustics, Catastrophes and Wave Fields 2nd Edition
Informal Introduction to Stochastic Processes with Maplez
Biophysics and Physiology of Carbon Dioxide Symposium Held at the University of Regensburg (FRG) Apr
Targeted Therapeutics in Melanoma
Antennas and Reaction Centers of Photosynthetic Bacteria Structure, Interactions and Dynamics. Proce
Intelligent Information Processing VI 7th IFIP TC 12 International Conference, IIP 2012, Guilin, Chi
Web-Scale Data Management for the Cloud
Pathogenicity Islands and the Evolution of Pathogenic Microbes, Vol. 1 Softcover Reprint of the Orig
Finance for Academics A Guide to Investment for Income
The Ada® Generic Library Linear List Processing Packages
Pulsed Electrical Discharge in Vacuum Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1989
Sintering and Related Phenomena Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Sintering and R
Microcluster Physics
Geotechnical Design to Eurocode 7 1st Edition
Drinking Water Microbiology Progress and Recent Developments
Information Organization and Databases Foundations of Data Organization 1st Edition, Reprint
High Energy Electrons in Radiation Therapy
Arthropods of Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems
Das Deutsche Legendenbuch Blunck, Barthold Blunck Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition
Arterial Grafting for Myocardial Revascularization Indications, Surgical Techniques and Results
Carbon Reinforcements and Carbon/Carbon Composites
The Yohkoh (Solar-A) Mission 1st Edition, Reprint
Behavioral Issues in Operations Management New Trends in Design, Management, and Methodologies
Illustrated Computer Tomography A Practical Guide to CT Interpretations
Interaction of Ultrashort Electromagnetic Pulses with Matter
Radiology of the Female Pelvic Organs With Contributions By Numerous Experts
Green Computing with Emerging Memory Low-Power Computation for Social Innovation
Tool-Supported Innovation Management in Service Ecosystems
Transformation und Tradition in Ost und West
Modern Origins A North African Perspective
Multiple-Photon Excitation and Dissociation of Polyatomic Molecules
Female Contraception Update and Trends
Sequences and Their Applications -- SETA 2012 7th International Conference, SETA 2012, Waterloo, ON,
Physicochemical Aspects of Polymer Surfaces, Vol. 1 Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 19
Pravention Ausgewahlte Beitrage des Nationalen Praventionskongresses Dresden 1. und 2. Dezember 2005
On-chip High-Voltage Generator Design
Slope Analysis Using Boundary Elements 1st Edition, Reprint
Polarization, Alignment, and Orientation in Atomic Collisions Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st
Carbosilanes Syntheses and Reactions
Geoelectromagnetic Investigation of the Earths Crust and Mantle
Prions and Diseases, Vol. 1 Physiology and Pathophysiology
Transposable Elements and Evolution 1st Edition, Reprint
Understanding Morphological Rules With Special Emphasis on Conversion and Subtraction in Bulgarian,
Direct Democracy and Minorities
Paleomagnetology Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1987
Origins of Life The Primal Self-Organization
Electromagnetic Fields, Environment and Health
Mono- and Multivariable Control and Estimation Linear, Quadratic and LMI Methods
Lasers in Aesthetic Surgery
Endoscopy and Microsurgery 1st Edition, Reprint
Fracture and Failure of Natural Building Stones Applications in the Restoration of Ancient Monuments
Data Processing for the AHP/ANP
Constructive Nonlinear Control 1st Edition
Security Protocols XIX 19th International Workshop, Cambridge, UK, March 28-30, 2011, Revised Select
Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Vol. 208 Perfluorinated Alkylated Substances
Strategies for Rural Broadband An Economic and Legal Feasibility Analysis
Theoretical and Practical Reason in Economics Capacities and Capabilities
New Directions in Atomic Physics
Managing Sustainable Innovation The Driver for Global Growth
Current Topics in Clinical Radiobiology of Tumors Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1993
Progress in Regional Cancer Therapy Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1990
Precision Assembly Technologies and Systems 6th IFIP WG 5.5 International Precision Assembly Seminar
Renaissance Averroism and Its Aftermath Arabic Philosophy in Early Modern Europe
Sleep Clinical and Experimental Aspects with Contributions by Numerous Experts
Progress in Cryptology-AFRICACRYPT 2011 4th International Conference on Cryptology in Africa, Dakar,
Noback Human Nervous System Structure and Function 7th Edition
Doppler Blood Flow Measurement in Uteroplacental and Fetal Vessels Pathophysiological and Clinical S
Geometrical Charged-Particle Optics 2nd Ediiton
Introduction to Korean Law
Operations Research in the Airline Industry
The Development of the Italian Schools of Painting, Vol. II 1st Edition, Reprint
Intelligent Robotics and Applications 5th International Conference, ICIRA 2012, Montreal, Canada, Oc
Surgery of the Sellar Region and Paranasal Sinuses
Magnetooptics and Spectroscopy of Antiferromagnets
Statics and Dynamics of Weakly Coupled Antiferromagnetic Spin-1/2 Ladders in a Magnetic Field
Fractals and Disordered Systems 2nd Revised Edition
Towards Adaptive Spoken Dialog Systems
Mathematical Foundations of Network Analysis
Urban Agglomeration and Economic Growth
History of Computing in Education IFIP 18th World Computer Congress, TC3 / TC9 1st Conference on the
Treatment of Malignant Breast Tumors Indications and Results A Study Based on 1174 Cases Treated at
Long-Gap Esophageal Atresia Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Malformations
Handbook of Nautical Medicine
History of Free Skin Grafting Knowledge or Empiricism?
Philosophy, Phenomenology, Sciences Essays in Commemoration of Edmund Husserl
New Business Creation An International Overview
Students T-Distribution and Related Stochastic Processes
The Comparative Anatomy of Neurons Homologous Neurons in the Medial Geniculate Body of the Opossum a
Natural Physical Sources of Underwater Sound Sea Surface Sound (2) Proceedings of the Conference on
Game Theory for Networks 2nd International ICST Conference, GameNets 2011, Shanghai, China, April 11
Principles of Receptor Physiology
Basic and Clinical Applications of Vision Science The Professor Jay M. Enoch Festschrift Vol
Scientific Research I The Search for System 1st Edition, Reprint
Imaging, Cerebral Topography and Alzheimers Disease
The Impacts of Research and Development Expenditures The Relationship Between Total Factor Productiv
Introduction to Topological Manifolds
Trends in Gastroenterology and Hepatology Millennium 2000
The Cytoskeleton of Flagellate and Ciliate Protists
Advances in Neural NetworksISNN 2012 9th International Symposium on Neural Networks, ISNN 2012, She
The Biochemistry of Alkaloids 2nd Edition
Service- Und Ereignisorientierung Im Contact-Center Entwicklung Eines Referenzmodells Zur Prozessaut
Trust and Trustworthy Computing 5th International Conference, TRUST 2012, Vienna, Austria, June 13-1
Topological Methods in Walrasian Economics Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1974
Lipoprotein Metabolism Symposium on Lipoprotein Metabolism, Held in Heidelberg, September 10-13, 197
Antifreeze Solutions in Home Fire Sprinkler Systems
Coulombic Fluids Bulk and Interfaces
Shearlets Multiscale Analysis for Multivariate Data
Protein Supersecondary Structures
Compression Anastomosis by Biofragmentable Rings Proceedings of the Second European Workshop 1st Edi
Eutrophication of Freshwaters Principles, Problems and Restoration
Informatics and Management Science VI
Dynamics and Interactions of Galaxies Proceedings of the International Conference, Heidelberg, 29 Ma
Recent Advances in Aerodynamics Proceedings of an International Symposium Held at Stanford Universit
Implementing Health Care Information Systems Includes Papers from the Tenth Annual Symposium on Comp
Capabilities, Allocation and Earnings
Complete Second Order linear Differential Equations in Hilbert Spaces
Algorithmic Topology and Classification of 3-Manifolds 2nd Edition
Material Properties Under Intensive Dynamic Loading
Hearing Impairment An Invisible Disability How You Can Live with a Hearing Impairment
Molecular Semiconductors Photoelectrical Properties and Solar Cells
Clinical Aspects of Neutron Capture Therapy
The Solar Engine and Its Influence on Terrestrial Atmosphere and Climate Proceedings of the NATO Adv
Particles and Fields
Neural Coding of Motor Performance Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1983
Analysis and Optimization of Prismatic and Axisymmetric Shell Structures Theory, Practice and Softwa
First Steps in Psychotherapy Teaching Psychotherapy to Medical Students and General Practitioners
Purines Basic and Clinical Aspects
Immunological Approaches to Contraception and Promotion of Fertility
Arteriography of the Pelvis Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures
Radiology Illustrated Uroradiology 2nd Edition
Weight Control The Current Perspective
Information Security Practice and Experience 9th International Conference, ISPEC 2013, Lanzhou, Chin
Scientific Advances in Alternative Demilitarization Technologies Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Re
Verification and Control of Hybrid Systems A Symbolic Approach
Fishes of the Amazon and Their Environment Physiological and Biochemical Aspects Softcover Reprint o
Japanese Construction An American Perspective
Communication Technologies for Vehicles 5th International Workshop, Nets4Cars/Nets4Trains 2013, Vill
Gender and Thought Psychological Perspectives
Studies in Memory of Issai Schur
Fundamental Aspects of Neoplasia Proceedings of a Symposium Held May 20 - 22, 1974 at the Waksman In
Bone Dysplasias of Infancy A Radiological Atlas
Hawks In Flight Second Edition 2nd Edition
Britain Highest Mountain Walks
Manual of Bone Densitometry Measurements An Aid to the Interpretation of Bone Densitometry Measureme
Handbook of Organic Food Processing and Production
The Scientific Enterprise, Vol. 4 The Bar-Hillel Colloquium : Studies in History, Philosophy and Soc
Laser Photodissociation and Spectroscopy of Mass-Separated Biomolecular Ions
Bedingungskonstellationen Paranoid-Halluzinatorischer Syndrome Zugleich Ein Methodischer Beitrag Zur
NF-KB in Health and Disease
The Golden Ball and Other Stories
Politisches System
Das Sowjetische Regierungssystem
The Diffuse Interface Approach in Materials Science Thermodynamic Concepts and Applications of Phase
Proclus On Plato Cratylus
Four Stories of the Schrodinger Cat
The Curious Tale of Marmalade Tuttle Marmalade Tuttle and the Wizzard of Caldor
Clean House 147 Ways to Live Well in the Body God Gave You
Multiple Sclerosis An Analysis of 812 Cases by Means of Electronic Data Processing
Theoretical Perspectives in Environment-Behavior Research Underlying Assumptions, Research Problems
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Structure and Function, Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research W
The Cogito and Hermeneutics The Question of the Subject in Ricoeur
Customer-Equity-Management in Einem Dynamischen Wettbewerbumfeld Konzeption Und Anwendung Eines Cust
Interoperability of Standards for Robotics in CIME Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 199
Trisomy 21 An International Symposium Convento delle Clarisse, Rapallo, Italy, November 8 10, 1979
Naturally-Produced Organohalogens Selected and edited proceedings of the First Conference on Natural
Dietary Phytochemicals and Microbes
Nonlinear Dynamics in Human Behavior
Synchronization and Triggering from Fracture to Earthquake Processes : Laboratory, Field Analysis an
Intelligent Autonomous Systems 12 Volume 1 : Proceedings of the 12th International Conference IAS-12
Esophageal Carcinoma State of the Art
Clouds, Chemistry and Climate Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop &am
Physics in One Dimension Proceedings of an International Conference Fribourg, Switzerland, August 25
Simulating Clastic Sedimentation 1st Edition, Reprint
Electromagnetic Wave Scattering on Nonspherical Particles
The Cow Boy The Making of a Real Cowboy
MicroRNA in Cancer
Environmental Metal Pollutants, Reactive Oxygen Intermediaries and Genotoxicity Molecular Approaches
Critical Issues in Reproductive Health
Judicial Decision Making, Sentencing Policy, and Numerical Guidance
Sensory Mechanisms of the Spinal Cord 2nd Edition
Neurotrophin Protocols 1st Edition
Netherlands Yearbook of International Law Volume 34, 2003
Neutron Spectroscopy 1st Edition
Annals of Theoretical Psychology, Vols. 2 1st Edition
Strabismus and Amblyopia Experimental Basis for Advances in Clinical Management 1st Edition
Time-Dependent Quantum Molecular Dynamics 1st Edition
Sociologies of Food and Nutrition 1st Edition
Free Radicals, Oxidative Stress, and Antioxidants Pathological and Physiological Significance 1st Ed
The Biology of Tumors 1st Edition
Carbohydrates Structures, Syntheses and Dynamics
Safety of Chemical Batch Reactors and Storage Tanks
Informed Consent Patient Autonomy and Physician Beneficence Within Clinical Medicine 1st Edition
Weathering of Polymers 1st Edition
Perspectives on Time 1st Edition
Scepticism in the Enlightenment 1st Edition
Migration of Fines in Porous Media 1st Edition
Citrus Processing A Complete Guide 2nd Edition
Anxiety Management Training A Behavior Therapy 1st Edition
Computational Methods for Electron-Molecule Collisions 1st Edition
Radiopharmaceuticals for Positron Emission Tomography - Methodological Aspects 1st Edition
Inverse Problems in Groundwater Modeling 1st Edition
Handbook of Test Problems in Local and Global Optimization 1st Edition
Shelf Life Evaluation of Foods
Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions 1st Edition
Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Life Safety Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop
Microbiology and Aging Clinical Manifestations
The Dynamics of Small Bodies in the Solar System A Major Key to Solar Systems Studies 1st Edition
Feminist Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy Theorizing the Non-Ideal 1st Edition
Savage Sam
Organic Photochromic and Thermochromic Compounds Volume 2 : Physicochemical Studies, Biological Appl
Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Modelling, Measurements and Effects 1 Ed. 97
Mr Majeika
Basics of Hinduism Especially Written for the Young Generation in a Simplified and Objective Manner
Dream Weaver
Behind Enemy Lines The True Story of a French Jewish Spy in Nazi Germany
The Strongest NIV Exhaustive Concordance 21st Century Edition
The Last Airbender: Prequel: Zuko Story
Third Grade Super Math Success (Sylvan Super Workbooks) (Math Super Workbooks)
A Trial by Jury
Grandfather Twilight
Storm Tide
Modeling, Control and Coordination of Helicopter Systems
Abductive Cognition The Epistemological and Eco-Cognitive Dimensions of Hypothetical Reasoning
Miss Fortune (Poison Apple)
Head First Ajax
The Enchantress of Florence: A Novel
Maximum Ride: The Manga, Vol. 3
The Philosophy of Medicine Framing the Field
Death of a Snob (Hamish Macbeth Mysteries, No. 6)
Trends in Business and Economic Ethics
Advancing Quality of Life in a Turbulent World
The Smallest Anthropoids The Marmoset/Callimico Radiation
Fuzzy Probability and Statistics
Altering Nature, Vol. 2 Religion, Biotechnology, and Public Policy
Games, Groups, and the Global Good
Gels : Structures, Properties, and Functions Fundamentals and Applications 1st Edition
The Malliavin Calculus and Related Topics
Analysing Seasonal Health Data
Analysis and Synthesis of Logics How to Cut and Paste Reasoning Systems
The Engineering of Mixed Reality Systems 1st Edition
Antiviral Methods and Protocols
Giant Planets of Our Solar System Atmospheres, Composition, and Structure
Assessing Emotional Intelligence Theory, Research, and Applications
Teachers Career Trajectories and Work Lives
Hegel Idea of the Good Life From Virtue to Freedom, Early Writings an
High-Order Modulation for Optical Fiber Transmission
High-Resolution IF-to-Baseband SigmaDelta ADC for Car Radios
Studies in Hebrew Language and Jewish Culture Presented to Albert van der Heide on the Occasion of h
History of Psychology in Autobiography
Statistical Extremes and Applications Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Vimeira, Por
Human Exploitation and Biodiversity Conservation
Human Missions to Mars Enabling Technologies for Exploring the Red Planet
The Changing Face of the Church: Emerging Models of Parish Leadership
The British and Irish Short Story Handbook
The Unity of Science in the Arabic Tradition Science, Logic, Epistemology and their Interactions
Low Power and Reliable SRAM Memory Cell and Array Design
Body and Practice in Kant
Shared Encounters 1st Edition
The Seventh International Conference on Vibration Problems ICOVP 2005 05-09 September 2005, Istanbul
Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence
Elasticity and Plasticity of Large Deformations An Introduction 3rd Edition
European Approaches to Patient Classification Systems Methods and Applications Based on Disease Seve
Recordkeeping, Ethics and Law Regulatory Models, Participant Relationships and Rights and Responsibi
Transfer in Reinforcement Learning Domains
Progress in Nano-Electro-Optics V Nanophotonic Fabrications, Devices, Systems, and Their Theoretical
From System Complexity to Emergent Properties
Single-Molecule Magnets and Related Phenomena With Contributions by Numerous Experts
Mechanical Modelling and Computational Issues in Civil Engineering
Mechanics and Natural Philosophy before the Scientific Revolution
Polydiacetylenes : Synthesis, Structure and Electronic Properties Proceedings of the NATO Advanced R
Personalized Digital Television Targeting Programs to Individual Viewers
Otherwise Than Being or Beyond Essence
Selective Breeding in Aquaculture : An Introduction 1st Edition
Rule and Order Dutch Planning Doctrine in the Twentieth Century
Metal Oxide Nanoparticles in Organic Solvents Synthesis, Formation, Assembly and Application 1st Edi
President Lincoln: The Duty of a Statesman (Vintage)
The Palestine Communist Party 1919-1948: Arab and Jew in the Struggle for Internationalism
World War II Infantry Anti-Tank Tactics (Elite)
Backwards Guidebook
American More! Level 5 Combo
Applied Probability-Computer Science The Interface Vol. 1
Polymeric Liquid Crystals
Structure and Dynamics of Polymer and Colloidal Systems Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Insti
Adamantiades - Behçet Disease Reprint
Dispersive Kinetics
Composition and Origin of Cosmic Rays
Logistik Management Prozesse, Systeme, Ausbildung German and English Edition
Husserls Phänomenologie der Intersubjektivität: Und ihre Bedeutung für eine Theorie intersubjektiver
Nanowires Reprint
Thermal Transport for Applications in Micro,Nanomachining Reprint
Objects and Identity An Examination of the Relative Identity Thesis and its Consequences
Osteoimmunology Interactions of the Immune and Skeletal Systems II
Self-Study of Practice as a Genre of Qualitative Research Theory, Methodology, and Practice
Fundamentals of Computerized Tomography Image Reconstruction from Projections
New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics IV Contributions to the 13th STAB/DGLR Sym
Money and Ideas Four Studies on Finance, Innovation and the Business Life Cycle
Mood and Anxiety Related Phenotypes in Mice Characterization Using Behavioral Tests
Moral Dilemmas in Real Life Current Issues in Applied Ethics
Neuroproteomics Methods and Protocols
Classical Biological Control of Bemisia tabaci in the United States A Review of Interagency Research
Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Assays Methods and Protocols 1st Edition
Character Evidence An Abductive Theory
Allergy Frontiers : Future Perspectives
Hydrogel Sensors and Actuators Engineering and Technology
Hydromagnetic Waves in the Magnetosphere and the Ionosphere
Imaging of Orthopedic Sports Injuries With Contributions by Numerous Experts
Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta A/D Conversion Fundamentals, Performance Limits and Robust Implementatio
Soft Computing Applications in Industry
Cryogenic Engineering Fifty Years of Progress
Robotics Research Results of the 12th International Symposium ISRR
Reproduction and Fitness in Baboons Behavioral, Ecological, and Life History Perspectives
Landform - Structure, Evolution, Process Control Proceedings of the International Symposium on Landf
Re/Structuring Science Education ReUniting Sociological and Psychological Perspectives 1st Edition
Educational Media and Technology Yearbook, Vol. 35 1st Edition
Radiative Decay Engineering
Logos of Phenomenology and Phenomenology of The Logos. Book Two The Human Condition in-the-Unity-of-
Understanding Industrial Transformation Views from Different Disciplines
Proceedings of the Third UN/ESA/NASA Workshop on the International Heliophysical Year 2007 and Basic
Pappus of Alexandria : Book 4 of the Collection
Markovian Demand Inventory Models
Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Reprint
Microgravity Two-phase Flow and Heat Transfer
Modeling Decisions Information Fusion and Aggregation Operators
Molecular Targeting in Oncology
Media Space 20+ Years of Mediated Life 1st Edition
Psychology, Religion, and the Nature of the Soul A Historical Entanglement
Evolutionary Foundations of Equilibria in Irrational Markets
Applications of Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering, Vol. 1
Penetrating Trauma A Practical Guide on Operative Technique and Peri-Operative Management
Niels Bohr Complementarity Its Structure, History, and Intersecti
Space Technologies for the Benefit of Human Society and Earth
Methods in Nonlinear Integral Equations
Globalisation, Policy and Comparative Research Discourses of Globalisation 1st Edition
Case, Word Order and Prominence Interacting Cues in Language Production and Comprehension
Developing Web Information Systems From Strategy to Implementation
The Dynamics of International Information Systems Anatomy of a Grounded Theory Investigation
Earthquakes and Water 1st Edition
Computability of Julia Sets
Wireless Sensor Network Technologies for the Information Explosion Era
Computational Science - ICCS 2006 6th International Conference, Reading, UK, May 28-31, 2006, Procee
Macromolecular Metal Carboxylates and Their Nanocomposites
Mapping Different Geographies
Computer Performance Evaluation Modelling Techniques and Tools. 12th International Conference, TOOLS
Advances in the Theory of Atomic and Molecular Systems Dynamics, Spectroscopy, Clusters, and Nanostr
Computer Vision - ECCV 2002 7th European Conference on Computer Vision, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 28-
The Chloroplast Basics and Applications
Psychological Theories from a Structuralist Point of View 1st Edition
Ethical Dimensions of the Economy Making Use of Hegel and the Concepts of Public and Merit Goods
Automobile Catalytic Converters 1st Edition
Exploring the Theory, Pedagogy and Practice of Networked Learning
Multivariate Methods of Representing Relations in R for Prioritization Purposes, Vol. 6 SSelective S
Support Vector Machines for Pattern Classification 2nd Edition
Anatomy of Global Stock Market Crashes An Empirical Analysis
How to Commercialise Research in Biotechnology?
Emergent Web Intelligence : Advanced Information Retrieval
Führung auf den Punkt gebracht Praktische Handreichungen und Empfehlungen
Unternehmensplanung im Quadrat Zu messbaren Erfolgen mit dem Enterprise-Design-Modell
Arthroskopische Chirurgie im Schulter- und Kniegelenkbereich
Bio-psycho-soziale Grundlagen für die Medizin Festschrift für Helmut Enke
Arztrecht Praxishandbuch für Mediziner 3rd Edition
Standortbestimmung der konservativen Knochenbruchbehandlung des Erwachsenen IX. Münchener Innenstadt
Analyse der Metalle Erster Ergänzungsband zu den Bänden I Schiedsanalysen · II Betriebsanalysen
The Development of the Larval Pigment Patterns in Triturus alpestris and Ambystoma mexicanum
International Space Station The Next Space Marketplace, Proceedings of the International Symposium,
Deformation of Ceramic Materials II
Oil and Security A World beyond PetroleumTowards the Demise of the Unreliable and Risk Prone Use of
Nonlinear Dynamics Between Linear and Impact Limits
Radioactivity and Pollution in the Nordic Seas and Arctic Observations, Modeling and Simulations 1st
Outdoor-Training Wie Manager Und Teams Uber Grenzen Gehen
Geodesy and Physics of the Earth Geodetic Contributions to Geodynamics 1st Edition, Reprint
Perspectives on Stress and Stress-Related Topics
Intelligent Distributed Computing IV Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Intelligent D
Evidence and Rational Based Research on Chinese Drugs
Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Systems
School Shootings International Research, Case Studies and Concepts for Prevention
Marine Fish Culture 1st Edition, Reprint
Assessment of Risk from Low-Level Exposure to Radiation and Chemicals A Critical Overview
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase in Health and Disease, Vol. 3
Modern Organoaluminum Reagents Preparation, Structure, Reactivity and Use
Im Transit Transnationalisierungsprozesse in der Wissenschaft
Tommaso Campanella The Book and the Body of Nature 1st Edition
Bioactive Polyphenols from Wine Grapes
Tourism and Archaeological Heritage Management at Petra Driver to Development or Destruction?
Let Us Know... Taxes in India, 2012-2013 8th Revised and Enlarged Edition
Controlled Nucleosynthesis Breakthroughs in Experiment and Theory
Segmental Idiopathic Necrosis of the Femoral Head With Contributions By Numerous Experts
Multiobjective Optimization Behavioral and Computational Considerations
Optimal Shelf Availability Analyse und Gestaltung Integrativer Logistikkonzepte in Konsumgüter-Suppl
Chemistry and Technology of Agrochemical Formulations 1st Edition, Reprint
SELDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry Methods and Protocols
Defending Copernicus and Galileo Critical Reasoning in the Two Affairs 1st Edition
Geospatial Thinking
Animal, Plant and Microbial Toxins, Vol. 2 Chemistry, Pharmacology and Immunology
Insect Life Cycles Genetics, Evolution and Co-Ordination 1st Edition
Long Acting Animal Health Drug Products Fundamentals and Applications
Synthesis of Marine Natural Products 2 Nonterpenoids Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1
Structural Interfaces and Attachments in Biology
Emerging Trends in Technological Innovation First IFIP WG 5.5/SOCOLNET Doctoral Conference on Comput
Lessons in Project Management 2nd Edition
History of the Pancreas Mysteries of a Hidden Organ Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 20
Deformed Spacetime Geometrizing Interactions in Four and Five Dimensions
High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Transient Molecules
The Logic of Language Development in Early Childhood
Arterial Chemoreception From Molecules to Systems
Education Management, Education Theory and Education Application
Noncommutative Iwasawa Main Conjectures over Totally Real Fields
Mohs Micrographic Surgery
Developments and Challenges for Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles A Compendium 1st Edition
Social Web Im Tourismus Strategien - Konzepte - Einsatzfelder
Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems 4th IFIP WG6.1 International Conference, DAIS 200
Structured Document Image Analysis
Endothelial Dysfunction and Inflammation 1st Edition
Clinical Pharmacology in Psychiatry From Molecular Studies to Clinical Reality
Solution Chemistry of Surfactants, Vol. 2 Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1979
Macroeconomic Analysis and Economic Policy Based on Parametric Control
The Quality of Our Financial Markets Taking Stock of Where We Stand
Agent-Based Computer Simulation of Dichotomous Economic Growth 1st Edition, Reprint
Synchronizing E-Security Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 2004
Cellular Automata : Research Towards Industry ACRI98 Proceedings of the Third Conference on Cellu
The Material Realization of Science
Clinical Guide to Mental Disability Evaluations
Analog Organic Electronics Building Blocks for Organic Smart Sensor Systems on Foil
Biological Characterization of Bone Tumors
Robust Estimation and Failure Detection A Concise Treatment 1st Edition
Rules on the Web : Research and Applications 6th International Symposium, RuleML 2012, Montpellier,
Misspecification Analysis
Low-Power Digital VLSI Design Circuits and Systems Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 199
Dynamic Fleet Management for International Truck Transportation Focusing on Occasional Transportatio
Fine Structure of Parasitic Protozoa An Atlas of Micrographs, Drawings and Diagrams
Energy Systems Analysis for Developing Countries 1st Edition, Reprint
High Quality Messaging and Electronic Commerce Technical Foundations, Standards and Protocols
The Kinetic Theory of Electromagnetic Processes Reprint 1st Edition
Computer Performance Engineering 8th European Performance Engineering Workshop, EPEW 2011, Borrowdal
Intelligent Optimisation Techniques Genetic Algorithms, Tabu Search, Simulated Annealing and Neural
Spectral Theory, Function Spaces and Inequalities New Techniques and Recent Trends
Concurrent Learning and Information Processing A Neuro-Computing System that Learns During Monitorin
Advances in Communication, Network, and Computing Third International Conference, CNC 2012, Chennai,
A Systematic Catalogue of Reusable Abstract Data Types
Cellular and Molecular Alterations in the Failing Human Heart Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st
European Perspectives on Taiwan
Cytology in Gynecological Practice/Gynäkologische Vitalzytologie in Der Praxis An Atlas of Phase-Con
The Metaphysical Nature of the Non-Adequacy Claim An Epistemological Analysis of the Debate on Proba
Principles of Animal Biometeorology
International Joint Conference CISIS12-ICEUTE12-SOCO12 Special Sessions
Manual of Geriatric Anesthesia
Learning Structure and Schemas from Documents
Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging of the Brain 2nd Edition
Implantable Defibrillator Therapy A Clinical Guide 1st Edition, Reprint
Make It New Essays zur literarischen Tradition
Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy as a Science An Iconoclastic Perspective
Harmonic Analysis on Reductive Groups 1st Edition, Reprint
Nanomaterials : A Danger or a Promise? A Chemical and Biological Perspective
Cardiovascular Imaging by Ultrasound 1st Edition, Reprint
Treatment of Hydrocephalus Computer Tomography Proceedings of the Joint Meeting of the Deutsche Gese
Determination of Air Quality Proceedings of the ACS Symposium on Determination of Air Quality held i
Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Applications of Polymers 1st Edition, Reprint
Brazilian Studies in Philosophy and History of Science An Account of Recent Works
Technology as a Support for Literacy Achievements for Children at Risk
Solar Thermal Central Receiver Systems Proceedings of the Third International Workshop June 2327, 1
High- and Low-Valent tris-N-Heterocyclic Carbene Iron Complexes A Study of Molecular and Electronic
Tree-based Heterogeneous FPGA Architectures Application Specific Exploration and Optimization
International Handbook of War, Torture and Terrorism
Algorithms in Bioinformatics 11th International Workshop, WABI 2011, Saarbrücken, Germany, September
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Horngren Financial &a
Golf Fairway Fables
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Love a Stage
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Notch Regulation of the Immune System
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Cement-Based Materials for Nuclear Waste Storage
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Air Pollution and Forests Interactions between Air Contaminants and Forest Ecosystems
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Contenancy and Partition
Challenging Legitimacy at the Precipice of Energy Calamity
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Physicians Pathways to Non-Traditional Careers and Leadership Opportunities
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Der Rechtsgegenstand Rechtslogische Studien zu Einer Thoerie Des Eigentums
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Hierarchy in Natural and Social Sciences
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Subverting Borders Doing Research on Smuggling and Small-Scale Trade
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Men Trapped in Men Bodies Narratives of Autogynephilic Transsexualism
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Children Eyewitness Memory
Legumes and Oilseed Crops I
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Problems of Biological Physics
In the Blink of an Eye The Deadly Story of Epidemic Meningitis
Information Theory, Combinatorics, and Search Theory In Memory of Rudolf Ahlswede
Off School, In Court An Experimental and Psychiatric Investigation of Severe School Attendance Probl
Practicing Sustainability
Advances in Stochastic Models for Reliablity, Quality and Safety
In Search of Equity Health Needs and the Health Care System
Weather Derivatives Modeling and Pricing Weather-Related Risk
Modelling and Empirical Evaluation of Labour Supply Behaviour Emphasis on Preference Formation, Job
Efficient Secure Two-Party Protocols Techniques and Constructions
MHC Class I Antigens in Malignant Cells Immune Escape and Response to Immunotherapy
Herpes Simplex Virus Pathogenesis, Immunobiology and Control
Computational Intelligence in Expensive Optimization Problems
Discovery and Representation of Causal Relationships from a Large Time-Oriented Clinical Database Th
Assessment of the Nuclear Programs of Iran and North Korea
Tissue Hypoxia and Ischemia
Arbitrage International Commercial/International Commercial Arbitration Rapporteur General Pieter Sa
Isotope labeling in Biomolecular NMR
Growth Hormone II Basic and Clinical Aspects
The Archaeology of Maritime Landscapes
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Urban Landscapes Environmental Networks and the Quality of Life
System Theory in Geomorphology Challenges, Epistemological Consequences and Practical Implications
Introduction to Metal Matrix Composites Fabrication and Recycling
Mixed Finite Element Technologies
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Effective Electron Mass in Low-Dimensional Semiconductors
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Principles of Soft-Matter Dynamics Basic Theories, Non-invasive Methods, Mesoscopic Aspects
Oil Transport Management
The Key to Creation
Organic Photovoltaics Concepts and Realization
Yugoslav Workers Selfmanagement
Philosophy of Probability
Verification of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention
Environmental Social Psychology
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Vol. 6 Philosophy and Science in the Middle Ages
The Impact of Culture on Relationship Marketing in International Services A Target Group-Specific An
Religionen erforschen Kulturwissenschaftliche Methoden in der Religionswissenschaft
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Studies in Syntax and Semantics
Algebraic Structures
Expert System Applications
Proofs of the Cantor-Bernstein Theorem A Mathematical Excursion
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Particle Size Measurements Fundamentals, Practice, Quality
Seminar on Stochastic Processes, 1992 1st Edition, Reprint
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Wave Scattering Theory A Series Approach Based on the Fourier Transformation
Climate-Resilient Horticulture Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies
Photosynthesis Photoreactions to Plant Productivity
Macromolecular Crystallography Deciphering the Structure, Function and Dynamics of Biological Molecu
ERP Systems and Organisational Change A Socio-technical Insight 1st Edition
Supportive Care in Cancer Therapy
Nonlinear Inclusions and Hemivariational Inequalities Models and Analysis of Contact Problems
The Architecture of Innovative Apprenticeship
Trust for Intelligent Recommendation
Floods in a Megacity Geospatial Techniques in Assessing Hazards, Risk and Vulnerability
Allergenic Pollen A Review of the Production, Release, Distribution and Health Impacts
An Eames Primer Revised Edition
Learning to Teach
O My Darling A Novel
Handbook of Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Von .com zu .profit Strategien für das Electronic Business der 2. Generation
Umweltorientierte Materialwirtschaft Das Optimierungskonzept für Ressourcen, Recycling, Rendite
Baurechtsberater Bauherren Gerichtsurteile, die sparen helfen
Systems Biomechanics of the Cell
Genetische Familienberatung Ein Leitfaden für Studenten und Ärzte 3rd Revised Edition
Der intrazelluläre Proteintransport bei Erkrankungen im Kindesalter
Berufsbiografie und Familiengründung Biografiegestaltung junger Erwachsener nach Abschluss der Beruf
Particle Filters for Random Set Models
Methodology, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Science Essays in Honour of Wolfgang Stegmüller on the
Schopenhauer Broken W
From Multiscale Modeling to Meso-Science A Chemical Engineering Perspective
Adaptive Moving Mesh Methods
An Anthropological Journey into Well-Being Insights from Bolivia
Gene Regulation A Eukaryotic Perspective 2nd Edition
Sexual Rehabilitation of the Spinal-Cord Injured Patient
Experimental and Clinical Metastasis A Comprehensive Review
The March of Time Evolving Conceptions of Time in the Light of Scientific Discoveries
High Energy Astrophysics An Introduction
Handbook on the Neuropsychology of Aging and Dementia
Service Science in China
The Mechanization of Natural Philosophy
The New Uranium Mining Boom Challenge and Lessons Learned
Practical Handbook on Building Maintenance A Ready Reckoner for Day to Day Management and Technical
Diffractive Optics and Optical Microsystems
Atomic Many-Body Theory 2nd Edition
The Neurologic Diagnosis A Practical Bedside Approach
Machining of Metal Matrix Composites
Chemical Carcinogens Some Guidelines for Handling and Disposal in the Laboratory 1st Edition
Abductive Reasoning Logical Investigations into Discovery and Explanation
Vertebrate Conservation and Biodiversity
Action and Responsibility
Magnetic Resonance Angiography Principles and Applications
Valvular Heart Disease 1st Edition
Lasers in Chemical Analysis 1st Edition
Methods of Hybridoma Formation 1st Edition
Neuropsychology 1st Edition
The Practice of Electrocardiography A Problem-Solving Guide to Confident Interpretation 1st Edition
Capillary Electrophoresis Guidebook Principles, Operation, and Applications 1st Edition
Human Biomaterials Applications 1st Edition
Practical Cell Culture Techniques 1st Edition
The Igf System Molecular Biology, Physiology, and Clinical Applications 1st Edition
Twenty-First Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals 1st Edition
Climate Change and Island and Coastal Vulnerability
Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery A Comprehensive Guide with Illustrative Cases 1st Edition
Fundamentals of Discrete Math for Computer Science A Problem-Solving Primer
Tsunami Progress in Prediction, Disaster Prevention and Warning 1st Edition
Recent Advances in Adsorption Processes for Environmental Protection and Security
Wireless Technology Applications, Management, and Security
Advanced Design and Manufacturing Based on STEP 2nd Printing
Advances in Agent-Based Complex Automated Negotiations
A Geometry of Approximation Rough Set Theory : Logic, Algebra and Topology of Conceptual Patterns
Vortex Flows and Related Numerical Methods Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Greno
Thermal Decomposition of Solids and Melts New Thermochemical Approach to the Mechanism, Kinetics and
Theory of Reflection Of Electromagnetic and Particle Waves
The Theory of Algorithms
The Structure of Physics
A Guide to QTL Mapping with R/qtl
VI Hotine-Marussi Symposium on Theoretical and Computational Geodesy IAG Symposium Wuhan, China 29 M
Analog-Baseband Architectures and Circuits for Multistandard and Low-Voltage Wireless Transceivers
Generating Families in the Restricted Three-Body Problem
The Ethics of Intensification Agricultural Development and Cultural Change
Apoptosis Methods and Protocols 2nd Edition
Apoptosis Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology Approaches to Measurement and Quantification
Global Risk Governance Concept and Practice Using the IRGC Framework
The Concept of Rights
The Beginnings of Piezoelectricity A Study in Mundane Physics
The Importance of Assent A Theory of Coercion and Dignity
Telecommunication Markets Drivers and Impediments
Technology and Regulation How Are They Driving Our Markets?
Unity from Duality : Gravity, Gauge Theory and Strings Les Houches Session LXXVI, July 30 - August 3
Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Physics and Applications
Between Theory and Observations Tobias Mayer Explorations of Lunar Motion
Binary Quadratic Forms An Algorithmic Approach
Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes 1st Edition
How Ficta Follow Fiction A Syncretistic Account of Fictional Entities
Standards and Thresholds for Impact Assessment
Ad-Hoc Networking Towards Seamless Communications
Biomanipulation - Tool for Water Management
Biomedical Data and Applications
Biometeorology for Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change
Vibronic Interactions and the Jahn-Teller Effect Theory and Applications
In vitro Haploid Production in Higher Plants, Vol. 2 Applications
Vehicle Dynamics and Control 2nd Edition
Single Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Fracture Mechanics 1st Edition
Boundary Element Analysis in Computational Fracture Mechanics
Qualitative Research in the Post-Modern Era Contexts of Qualitative Research
Broadband Opto-Electrical Receivers in Standard CMOS
Advances in Electromagnetic Fields in Living Systems, Vol. 4
Innovations in Neural Information Paradigms and Applications
Selected Works of A.N. Kolmogorov, Vol. 3 Information Theory and the Theory of Algorithms
Cartographies of the Mind Philosophy and Psychology in Intersection
Categories, Bundles and Spacetime Topology 2nd Revised & Enlarged Edition
Scientia in Early Modern Philosophy Seventeenth-Century Thinkers on Demonstrative Knowledge from Fir
Russian Contributions to Game Theory and Equilibrium Theory
Topics in Applied Macrodynamic Theory 1st Edition
International Symposium on History of Machines and Mechanisms Proceedings of HMM 2008
Air-Sea Exchange of Heat and Moisture During Storms
The Technology-Energy-Environment-Health (TEEH) Chain In China A Case Study of Cokemaking
The Passionate Society The Social, Political and Moral Thought of Adam Ferguson
Iterative-Interpolation Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction A Computationally Efficient Technique
Languages for Embedded Systems and their Applications Selected Contributions on Specification, Desig
Quasi-Gas Dynamic Equations
Avatars at Work and Play Collaboration and Interaction in Shared Virtual Environments
Hepatitis Delta Virus
Bioremediation Methods and Protocols
In vitro Haploid Production in Higher Plants, Vol. 4 Cereals
Skeletal Muscle Plasticity in Health and Disease From Genes to Whole Muscle
Physics and Modelling of Wind Erosion
Philosophical Perspectives on Lifelong Learning
Phenomenology and the Non-Human Animal At the Limits of Experience
Infectious Disease Informatics Syndromic Surveillance for Public Health and Bio-Defense 1st Edition
Information and Knowledge A Constructive Type-theoretical Approach
Memory in the Ontopoiesis of Life, Book 2 Memory in the Orbit of the Human Creative Existenc
Mental Representation and Processing of Geographic Knowledge A Computational Approach
Numerical Methods for Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems Applications in Mechanics and Electronics
Causality and Causal Modelling in the Social Sciences Measuring Variations
Rough-Neural Computing Techniques for Computing with Words
Introduction to Advanced System-on-Chip Test Design and Optimization
Introduction to Thermoelectricity
Cognition-Driven Decision Support for Business Intelligence Models, Techniques, Systems and Applicat
Road Pricing, the Economy and the Environment
Constitutionalism and Legal Reasoning
QSAR and Molecular Modeling Studies in Heterocyclic Drugs I
Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Methods for Measuring and Implementing Service Quality 1st Edition
Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems 5th IEEE International Conference, DCOSS 2009, Marina del Re
Dynamic Trip Modelling From Shopping Centres to the Internet
Protist Diversity and Geographical Distribution
Proteome Bioinformatics
European Metropolitan Housing Markets
Managing Care : A Shared Responsibility
Parkinson Disease Methods and Protocols
Innovation in Strategic Philanthropy Local and Global Perspectives
Emergent Web Intelligence : Advanced Semantic Technologies
Multimedia Interaction and Intelligent User Interfaces Principles, Methods and Applications
Hippocampal Microcircuits A Computational Modeler Resource Book 1st E
Nonlinear Analysis and Variational Problems In Honor of George Isac 1st Edition
Non-Equilibrium Reacting Gas Flows Kinetic Theory of Transport and Relaxation Processes
Conjugate Gradient Algorithms in Nonconvex Optimization
Polystochastic Models for Complexity
Recent Advances in Spectroscopy Theoretical, Astrophysical and Experimental Perspectives
Mining and Analyzing Social Networks
The Constantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy Yearbook 2010
Critical Pedagogy and the Everyday Classroom
Molecular Basis of Multiple Sclerosis The Immune System
Electronic Spatial Sensing for the Blind : Contributions from Perception, Rehabilitation and Compute
The Islets of Langerhans
Energy Transfer Dynamics in Biomaterial Systems 1st Edition
Symmetries and Groups in Signal Processing An Introduction
Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) Generation and Analysis
The Case of the Fiddle-playing Fox
Greentech Innovation and Diffusion
Social Entrepreneurship and Social Business
Harnessing VLSI System Design with EDA Tools
Fallacies and Judgments of Reasonableness Empirical Research Concerning the Pragma-Dialectical Discu
Guide to Reliable Internet Services and Applications
Nucleic Acids and Proteins in Soil
Advances in Machine Learning I Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Ryszard S. Michalski 1st Edition
Functional Phthalocyanine Molecular Materials 1st Edition
Innovation through Knowledge Transfer
Best-Loved Negro Spirituals Complete Lyrics to 178 Songs of Faith
Cycling the Erie Canal A Guide to 400 Miles of Adventure and History Along the Erie Canalway Trail
The Secret Book of Sacred Things
Biophysics An Introduction 2nd Edition
Das Vaterbild psychosomatisch Kranker Geleitwort von Klußmann, Rudolf
Angewandte Institutionenökonomik Theorien - Modelle - Evidenz
Grafisch dynamische Simulation des Bearbeitungsvor- ganges für Doppelschlitten- drehmaschinen
Leistungsgerechte Vergütung für Verkaufsteams Mehr Motivation und Schlagkraft für Ihre Verkaufsmanns
Femorokrurale Arterienverschlüsse
Identifikation, Loyalität und Kooperation Theoretische Überlegungen und empirische Ergebnisse zur ku
Hochfrequenzmeßtechnik Meßgeräte und Meßverfahren
Regionen, Mitgliedstaaten und Europäische Union Die Integration der Autonomen Gemeinschaften Spanien
Entstaubungstechnik Grundlagen Verfahren Meßwesen
Die Wiederbelebung der Atmung Beatmungsmethoden ohne Hilfsgerät Wirksamkeit, Erlernbarkeit und physi
Mündliche Prüfung Bestanden! Tipps, Vorbereitungs- und Verhaltensstrategien, die den Erfolg sichern
Vorrichtungen II Reine Spannvorrichtungen, Bohrspannvorrichtungen, Arbeitsvorrichtungen, Prüfvorrich
Zukunftsperspektiven der Klinischen Psychologie
Reanimationsfibel 2nd Edition
Expertensysteme für den Einsatz von Subroutinenpaketen Am Beispiel eines Expertensystems für Bildver
Sonographie in der Gastroenterologie Diagnostik Therapie Neue Methoden
Diverse Effects of Hypoxia on Tumor Progression
Peripheral Nerve Lesions Nerve Surgery and Secondary Reconstructive Repair
Rehabilitation and Palliation of Cancer Patients
Risk, Benefit Analysis in Water Resources Planning and Management 1st Edition
Behavioral Assessment and Rehabilitation of the Traumatically Brain Damaged 1st Edition
Electroanalytical Methods in Chemical and Environmental Analysis 1st Edition
Quarks, Leptons, and Beyond 1st Edition
Lay Epistemics and Human Knowledge Cognitive and Motivational Bases 1st Edition
The Challenge of Cognitive Therapy Applications to Nontraditional Populations 1st Edition
Recent Developments in Alcoholism, Vol. 11 Ten Years of Progress 1st Edition
Lead-Based Paint Handbook 1st Edition
Physical Aspects of Stereotactic Radiosurgery 1st Edition
Taurine 2 Basic and Clinical Aspects 1st Edition
Handbook of Aging and Mental Health An Integrative Approach 1st Edition
Dynamic Optimization and Differential Games
X-Ray Scattering of Soft Matter Softcover Reprint of Hardcover 1st Edition
Work, Subjectivity and Learning Understanding Learning through Working Life
Fundamentals of Tribology and Bridging the Gap Between the Macro- and Micro/Nanoscales Proceedings o
Future Risks and Risk Management
The Basal Ganglia VIII
Explaining Games The Epistemic Programme in Game Theory
Biology of the Fungal Cell 2nd Edition
Boundary Element Analysis of Viscous Flow
Filtering Techniques for Turbulent Flow Simulation
Timing Neutron Stars 1st Edition
Computational Advances in Organic Chemistry Molecular Structure and Reactivity
Advances in Haemapheresis 1st Edition
Quantitative Coronary Angiography in Clinical Practice 1st Edition
Realism and Anti-Realism in the Philosophy of Science 1st Edition
Seismic Methods
Developments in Rubber Technology 1st Edition
Truth, Proof and Infinity A Theory of Constructive Reasoning 1st Edition
Husserl Position in the School of Brentano 1st Edition
Surgical Options for the Treatment of Heart Failure 1st Edition
Sell Yourself in Any Interview Use Proven Sales Techniques to Land Your Dream Job
Latin America Political Econo
The Enterprise of Death
Eat to Live The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss Revised edition
True Love Three Novels
Princess Pigtoria And The Pea
Sundiver (The Uplift Saga, Book 1)
Henry And Mudge First Book
Do You Doodle?
60 on Up: The Truth about Aging in the Twenty-first Century
Confined Space and Structural Rope Rescue
What Are Food Chains and Webs? (Science of Living Things)
Bomp!: Saving the World One Record at a Time
The Everything Kids Science Experiments Book: Boil Ice, Float Water, Measure Gravity-challenge the
Casey Jones
Secrets of the Heart (Mail Order Bride)
Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponnese (New York Review Books Classics)
The Summer Book (New York Review Books Classics)
Jerusalem in the North: Denmark and the Baltic Crusades 1100-1522 (Outremer)
Why Study The Past? The Quest For the Historical Church
What You Practice Is What You Have A Guide to Having the Life You Want
In Vitro Neurotoxicology Principles and Challenges
Adaptation in Plant Breeding
Optical Imaging and Microscopy Techniques and Advanced Systems
Forensic Pathology Reviews 5 Reprint
Clock and Watch Repairing
User Interface Design for Humans
Materials Chemistry at High Temperatures, Vol. 2 Processing and Performance
Generalized Voronoi Diagram A Geometry-Based Approach to Computational Intelligence
Demythologizing Marxism A Series of Studies on Marxism
Human Development in Adulthood
Creation and Transfer of Knowledge Institutions and Incentives
Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Assessment and Practical Management
Grundbegriffe der Handlungsformen der EU:entwickelt am Beschluss als praxisgenerierter Handlungsform
Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine
Inventory Control 2nd Edition
Challenges of Expanding Internet 5th IFIP Conference on e-Commerce, e-Business, and e-Government (I3
The Theory of Approximate Methods and Their Applications to the Numerical Solution of Singular Integ
Genetic Susceptibility to Cancer
Phänomenologische Psychologi Vorlesungen Sommersemester, 1925 - 2 Verb Auflage
Physics of Dense Matter
From the Brain to the Mouth Acquired Dysarthria and Dysfluency in Adults
Indirect Sampling
Union Wage Bargaining and Economic Growth
Bacterial Invasion into Eukaryotic Cells
Physics of Mass
Formal Logic
Magnetic and Electromagnetic Shielding 1st Edition
New Aspects in Phosphorus Chemistry III Reprint
The GMO Handbook Genetically Modified Animals, Microbes, and Plants in Biotechnology
Existence and Explanation Essays presented in Honor of Karel Lambert
Safety-Critical Real-Time Systems Reprint
DNA Methods in Clinical Microbiology
Vocational and Adult Education in Europe
Photosynthetic Adaptation Chloroplast to Landscape
Laser Scanning Update 1 - First Official Publication of the International Society of
The Utilization of Bioremediation to Reduce Soil Contamination: Problems and Solutions
Biogeochemical Investigations at the Watershed, Landscape, and Regional Scales Reprint
High Temperature Electronics
Computers and Games Third International Conference, CG 2002, Edmonton, Canada, July 25-27, 2002, Rev
Democracy in a Technological Society
Intermolecular Forces Proceedings of the 14th Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemi
Automotive Lighting and Human Vision Reprint
Mesoscopic Electron Transpor
Design and Installation of Subsea Systems
Cytokines in Severe Sepsis & Septic Shock
Nonlinear Synthesis - Proceedings of A Iiasa Workshop Held In Sopron, Hungary, June 1989
Parental Involvement in Childhood Education Building Effective School-Family Partnerships
International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence 1st Edition
Evolution 2.0 Implications of Darwinism in Philosophy and the Social and Natural Sciences
Global Administrative Law and EU Administrative Law Relationships, Legal Issues and Comparison 1st E
Handbook of International Feminisms Perspectives on Psychology, Women, Culture, and Rights
Proteases and Their Receptors in Inflammation
Small Group Research Applications in Peace Psychology and Conflict Resolution
Identification Guide of Freshwater Macroinvertebrates of Spain
Pelagic Nutrient Cycles Herbivores as Sources and Sinks
Multimodal Concepts for Integration of Cytotoxic Drugs With Contributions by Numerous Experts
Control Technologies for Emerging Micro and Nanoscale Systems 1st Edition
International Politics in Times of Change
Velocities in Reflection Seismology
Handbook of Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition
Fix-It Duck
Fluid Dynamics Theory, Computation and Numerical Simulation 2nd Edition
The Family in Medical Practice A Family Systems Primer
Home-Oriented Informatics and Telematics Proceedings of the IFIP WG 9.3 HOIT2005 Conference
Climate Change and Human Well-Being Global Challenges and Opportunities 1st Edition
Understanding LTE and its Performance 1st Edition
Astronomy at the Frontiers of Science 1st Edition
Bomb Hunters In Afghanistan with Britain Elite Bomb Disposal Unit
The Education of Diverse Student Populations A Global Perspective
International Handbook of Chinese Families
Alcohol and Cancer 1st Edition
Multiple Access Communications Third International Workshop, MACOM 2010, Barcelona, Spain, September
Water Security in the Mediterranean Region An International Evaluation of Management, Control, and G
Advances in Cartography and GIScience, Vol. 1 Selection from ICC 2011, Paris
The Transition to Chaos Conservative Classical Systems and Quantum Manifestations 2nd Edition
Combinatorial Pattern Matching 22nd Annual Symposium, CPM 2011, Palermo, Italy, June 27-29, 2011, Pr
Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2007
Chocolate and Health
Mast Cells and Tumours From Biology to Clinic
Modern Prestressed Concrete 4th Edition
Quantum Statistics of Linear and Nonlinear Optical Phenomena 2nd Revised Edition
Victor McKusick and the Development of Medical Genetics
Strongly Correlated Systems Theoretical Methods
Understanding and Using the Controller Area Network Communication Protocol Theory and Practice
Practical Procedures in Elective Orthopaedic Surgery Pelvis and Lower Extremity
Near-Space Remote Sensing Potential and Challenges 1st Edition
Computing and Combinatorics 17th Annual International Conference, COCOON 2011, Dallas, TX, USA, Augu
Ion Beam Therapy Fundamentals, Technology, Clinical Applications
The Transits of Extrasolar Planets with Moons 1st Edition
Animal Cell Technology : Basic & Applied Aspects Vol. 6 : Pr
Contemporary Coloproctology
On Normalized Integral Table Algebras (Fusion Rings) Generated by a Faithful Non-real Element of Deg
Late Transition Metal-Carboryne Complexes Synthesis, Structure, Bonding, and Reaction with Alkenes a
Photogrammetric Image Analysis ISPRS Conference, PIA 2011, Munich, Germany, October 5-7, 2011. Proce
Variants of Evolutionary Algorithms for Real-World Applications
Advances in Conceptual Modeling. Recent Developments and New Directions ER 2011 Workshops FP-UML, Mo
Environmental Software Systems. Frameworks of eEnvironment 9th IFIP WG 5.11 International Symposium,
Trust The Evolutionary Game of Mind and Society
Secure and Trust Computing, Data Management, and Applications STA 2011 Workshops: IWCS 2011 and STAV
Cotton, Water, Salts and Soums Economic and Ecological Restructuring in Khorezm, Uzbekistan
Passibility At the Limits of the Constructivist Metaphor
EU Eastern Neighborhood Economic Potential and Future Development
Magnetic Bearings Theory, Design and Application to Rotating Machinery
Educational Research The Educationalization of Social Problems
Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications to Mechanics
Nachhaltigkeit in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
Creation Emanation and Salvation A Spinozistic Study Reprint of the Original 1st Edition
Chemical Lasers 1st Reprint Edition
The Influence of Antibiotics on the Host-Parasite Relationship
Plant Cell and Tissue Culture A Laboratory Manual
Deformation Spaces
Pulmonary Involvement in Patients with Hematological Malignancies 1st Edition
Texas Tough The Rise of America Prison Em
Post Genome Biology of Primates
Spin Dynamics in Confined Magnetic Structures I
Generalized Linear Models Proceedings of the GLIM 85 Conference held at Lancaster, UK, Sept. 1619,
The CDA TM Book 1st Edition
Mechatronics Dynamics of Electromechanical and Piezoelectric Systems
Phytoremediation and Biofortification Two Sides of One Coin
Brainwashed How We Are Seduced by Mindless Neuroscience
Computational Complexity Theory, Techniques and Applications
Financial Derivatives Modeling 1st Edition
Handbook of Parathyroid Diseases A Case-Based Practical Guide
The Yoga Ogre
Orthopedic Infection
Oscillation Theory, Computation, and Methods of Compensated Compactness
Inverse Limits From Continua to Chaos
Pedophilia Biosocial Dimensions
Rethinking Social Epidemiology Towards a Science of Change
Cosmetic Surgery Art and Techniques
Numerical Taxonomy Proceedings of the Nato Advanced Study Institute on Numerical Taxonomy Held in Ba
Amaurosis Fugax
Spinal Cord Monitoring and Electrodiagnosis
Neuroimaging in child neuropsychiatric disorders
Reliability Engineering Basic Concepts and Applications in ICT
History of the IAU The Birth and First Half-Century of the International Astronomical Union
Thermodynamic Data Systematics and Estimation
Green IT Technologies and Applications
Effects of Land-Use Change on Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations South and Southeast Asia as a Case Stud
Applied Hydrometeorology
Computational Models of the Auditory System
Sociogenesis Reexamined
Finite Rotation Shells Basic Equations and Finite Elements for Reissner Kinematics
Leukocyte Integrins in the Immune System and Malignant Disease
Traumatic Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
Dwarf Galaxies : Keys to Galaxy Formation and Evolution Proceedings of Symposium 3 of JENAM 2010
Prescriptions for Working Statisticians
Control Motivation and Social Cognition
Bioorganic Marine Chemistry
Engineering Applications of Residual Stress, Vol. 8 Proceedings of the 2011 Annual Conference on Exp
Laser-Induced Processes in Molecules Physics and Chemistry Proceedings of the European Physical Soci
Robotics Research The Eighth International Symposium 1st Edition
Epidemiological and Molecular Aspects on Cholera
Discrete-Time Linear Systems Theory and Design with Applications
Hamster Immune Responses in Infectious and Oncologic Diseases
Cell and Molecular Biology of the Ear 1st Edition, Reprint
Superconducting Electronics Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Superconducting Elec
Personal Satellite Services 4th International ICST Conference, PSATS 2012, Bradford, UK, March 22-23
The Mie Theory Basics and Applications
Stargazers The Contribution of Amateurs to Astronomy, Proceedings of Colloquium 98 of the Iau, June
Parasitology A Global PerspectiveProceedings of a Meeting in Bellagio, Italy, April, 1982
Marine Organisms as Indicators
Advances in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Vol. 3
Intelligent Information and Database Systems Third International Conference, ACIIDS 2011, Daegu, Kor
Principles of Osteoimmunology Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Applications
Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress, Vol. 10 Chassis Systems and Integration Te
Specimen Banking Environmental Monitoring and Modern Analytical Approaches
Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) in Medicine Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Stud
Targeted Killings and International Law
Fundamental Physics-Heisenberg and Beyond Werner Heisenberg Centennial Symposium “Developments in Mo
Retinoids Advances in Basic Research and Therapy Proceedings of the International Dermatology Sympos
Learning Disability Subtypinhg Neuropsychological Foundations, Conceptual Models, and Issues in Clin
Advances in Distribution Logistics 1st Edition, Reprint
Clinical Image-Based Procedures. From Planning to Intervention International Workshop, CLIP 2012, He
Photomodulated Optical Reflectance A Fundamental Study Aimed at Non-Destructive Carrier Profiling in
Pattern Recognition and Classification An Introduction
Methods of Applied Fourier Analysis
Partial Differential Equations I Basic Theory 2nd Edition
Applied Methods of Structural Reliability
Process Modelling of Metal Forming and Thermomechanical Treatment
Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Vol. 223
Concise Encyclopedia of Plastics Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition. 2000
Molecular Imaging for Integrated Medical Therapy and Drug Development
The Valuation of Intangible Assets An Exploration of Patent and Trademark Portfolios
Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems Using Petri Nets 1st Edition
Physical and Physiological Forest Ecology
Signal Detection in Non-Gaussian Noise
Bilanz Mit Aussichten
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry 1st Edition, Reprint
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks, 2012 (GCN 2012
Electron Spectrum of Gapless Semiconductors Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1990
A Mathematical Introduction to Conformal Field Theory 2nd Edition
Integrated Design of a Product Family and Its Assembly System 1st Edition, Reprint
Fundamentals of Structural Engineering
JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2012/1
Methods for the Study of Pest Diabrotica With contributions by numerous experts
Recent Advances in Iterative Methods
Array Signal Processing
Magnetism and Superconductivity in Iron-based Superconductors as Probed By Nuclear Magnetic Resonanc
Highway and Urban Environment Proceedings of the 9th Highway and Urban Environment Symposium
Permafrost Hydrology
Mountain Redemption
The Miracle Kidney Cleanse The All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify Your Body
Distributed and Parallel Database Object Management Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st, Reprint E
Intelligent Counting Under Information Imprecision Applications to Intelligent Systems and Decision
Circuits in the Brain A Model of Shape Processing in the Primary Visual Cortex
Die Diffusion Umweltpolitischer Innovationen im internationalen System
Environmental Policy is Social PolicySocial Policy is Environmental Policy Toward Sustainability Po
Capillary Electrophoresis of Biomolecules Methods and Protocols
Embedded and Multimedia Computing Technology and Service EMC 2012
Fault Analysis in Cryptography
Radiology of the Heart Cardiac Imaging in Infants, Children, and Adults
Biology and Regulation of Blood-Tissue Barriers
Ethical Research with Sex Workers Anthropological Approaches
Trees Structure and Function 2nd Printing
How Glass Changed the World The History and Chemistry of Glass from Antiquity to the 13th Century
Hypercomplex Analysis and Applications
Music and Child Development
Transport, Relaxation and Kinetic Processes in Electrolyte Solutions 1st Edition
The Dynamics of Business Cycles Stylized Facts, Economic Theory, Econometric Methodology and Applica
Ecological Succession on Fallowed Shifting Cultivation Fields A Review of the Literature
Proceedings of the FISITA, 2012 World Automotive Congress, Vol. 5 Advanced Transmission System and D
Textures of Materials Proceeding of the Fifth International Conference on Textures of Materials Marc
Advanced Speech Applications European Research on Speech Technology
Waves in Dusty Space Plasmas
Contextual Development Economics A Holistic Approach to the Understanding of Economic Activity in Lo
Guide to Signal Pathways in Immune Cells
Logic and Ethics
Transactions on Edutainment IX
The Duty of Medical Practitioners and CAM/TCM Practitioners to Inform Competent Adult Patients about
Microwave-Assisted Extraction for Bioactive Compounds Theory and Practice
Cytochrome P450 2E1 Its Role in Disease and Drug Metabolism
On Fuzziness A Homage to Lotfi A. Zadeh
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Advances and Perspectives
Interference-Optical Methods of Deformable Solid Body Mechanics
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Congenital Heart Disease
Reuse-Based Methodologies and Tools in the Design of Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
Maternal Fetal Transmission of Human Viruses and their Influence on Tumorigenesis
Graphical Exploratory Data Analysis
Combinatorial Optimization 4th Revised
Subsampling 1st Edition, Reprint
Cilia and Nervous System Development and Function
Extraordinary Learning in the Workplace
Biodegradable Polymer-Based Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
Magnetic Bubble Technology 2nd Edition
Logic Circuit Design Selected Methods
Atlas of Enteroscopy Endoscopy of the Small and Large Bowel; Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography
Discourse Ability and Brain Damage Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives
Diagnostics for Experimental Thermonuclear Fusion Reactors
Magnetism and the Electronic Structure of Crystals
The Foundations of Mechanics and Thermodynamics Selected Papers
Lithic Technology in the Middle Potomac River Valley of Maryland and Virginia Softcover Reprint of t
Quantitative Aspects of Risk Assessment in Chemical Carcinogenesis Symposium Held in Rome/italy, Apr
Large Space Structures Dynamics and Control
Geistiges Eigentum in der Betriebspraxis
Ultrasound Angioplasty
Kompetent zum Doktortitel Konzepte zur Förderung Promovierender
Corporate Governance Berichterstattung und Unternehmenserfolg Eine empirische Untersuchung für den d
An Ever Cleaner Union? The Impact of European Environmental Measures in Poland and Ukraine
Disposal of Weapon Plutonium Approaches and Prospects : Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Wo
Selected Topics in Micro/Nano-Robotics for Biomedical Applications
Wood Variation Its Causes and Control
Density Functional Theory of Molecules, Clusters and Solids
Market Morality and Company Size 1st Edition, Reprint
Video Processing in the Cloud
Quantum Chemistry of Solids LCAO Treatment of Crystals and Nanostructures 2nd Edition
Entrepreneurial Alertness An Exploratory Study
Mars and How to Observe It
The Self Interdisciplinary Approaches
Objective Medical Decision-making; Systems Approach in Acute Disease Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 192
New Institutional Arrangements for the World Economy
Competition in Europe Essays in Honour of Henk W. De Jong 1st Edition, Reprint
Multi-Layer Potentials and Boundary Problems For Higher-Order Elliptic Systems in Lipschitz Domains
The Value of RFID Benefits VS. Costs
Renal Cell Carcinoma Clinical Management
Differentiable Optimization and Equation Solving A Treatise on Algorithmic Science and the Karmarkar
Synthesis of ß-Lactam Antibiotics Chemistry, Biocatalysis &a
Effect of Mineral-Organic-Microorganism Interactions on Soil and Freshwater Environments Proceedings
The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Problem A Status Report
Physics of Bioenergetic Processes
Enterprise Governance and Enterprise Engineering
Mobile Genetic Elements Protocols and Genomic Applications 2nd Edition
Molecular Orbital Studies in Chemical Pharmacology
Biological Role of Inorganic Pyrophosphate Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st, Reprint Edition
Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st, Reprint Edit
Cable Shielding for Electromagnetic Compatibility
Proteases As Targets for Therapy 1st Edition Reprint
Group Theory and Its Applications in Physics
Dynamic Strategic Analysis Demystifying Simple Success Strategies 1st Edition, Reprint
Functional Respiratory Disorders When Respiratory Symptoms Do Not Respond to Pulmonary Treatment
The Molecular Dynamics of Liquid Crystals
Laser Scanning : Update 1 First Official Publication of the International Society of Laser Scanning
Annuaire Europeen / European Yearbook, Vol. 27
Sequences II Methods in Communication, Security, and Computer Science
Executive Teams in Research-Based Spin-Off Companies An Empirical Analysis of Executive Team Charact
Design and Brand The Influence of Product Form on the Formation of Brands
Compression and Coding Algorithms 1st Edition
Perspectives on Childrens Testimony
Trends in the Biology of Fermentations for Fuels and Chemicals
Cost-Sharing in Health Care Proceedings of the International Seminar on Sharing of Health Care Costs
Image and Signal Processing 5th International Conference, ICISP 2012, Agadir, Morocco, June 28-30, 2
Multi-Point Cooperative Communication Systems Theory and Applications
Demokratie Und Integration : Der Konflikt Zwischen Bundesverfassungsgericht Und Europäischem Gericht
Geometric Constraint Solving and Applications
Chemistry and Biology of Pteridines and Folates Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on P
Magnetic Resonance Angiography
Ultra-Wideband, Short-Pulse Electromagnetics 6 Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 2003
The Star Atlas Companion What You Need to know about the Constellations
Optimal Control of Discrete Time Stochastic Systems
Managing Supply Chain Risk
Statistical Inference for Discrete Time Stochastic Processes
Technische Thermodynamik II 6th Revised and Enlarged Edition
Spin Glasses : A Challenge for Mathematicians Cavity and Mean Field Models
Crowd Simulation 2nd Edition
Macroscopic Quantum Coherence and Quantum Computing 1st Edition, Reprint
Global to Local Ecological Land Classification : Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada, August 14-17, 1994
Delay Fault Testing for VLSI Circuits 1st Edition, Reprint
Frustrated Lewis Pairs I Uncovering and Understanding
Advanced Information Systems Engineering 23rd International Conference, CAiSE 2011, London, UK, June
Computer Programs in Clinical and Laboratory Medicine
Man-Machine Interactions 2
Recent Advances in the Processing of Wood-Plastic Composites
Transient Chaos Complex Dynamics on Finite Time Scales
Metal-Oxo and Metal-Peroxo Species in Catalytic Oxidations
Reference to Abstract Objects in Discourse Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1993
Mobile Speech and Advanced Natural Language Solutions
Adjuvant Chemotherapy of Breast Cancer Papers Presented at the 2nd International Conference on Adjuv
The Physics of Glassy Polymers 2nd Edition
Effects of Temperature on Ectothermic Organisms Ecological Implications and Mechanisms of Compensati
Geodesy Beyond, 2000 The Challenges of the First Decade, IAG General Assembly Birmingham, July 1930
Parallel Processing Techniques for Simulation
Integration of Natural Language and Vision Processing, Vol. III Theory and Grounding Representations
Economic Globalization, International Organizations and Crisis Management Contemporary and Historica
Large Scale Dynamics of Interacting Particles Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1991
Flavor Chemistry of Ethnic Foods 1st Edition, Reprint
Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Management, Vol. 2
Selected Works of David Brillinger
Innovation By Design Lessons from Post Box Design & Development
Advances in Imaging Techniques in Ischemic Heart Disease
The Search for Non-Newtonian Gravity Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1999
Synesthesia A Union of the Senses
The Cementless Fixation of Hip Endoprostheses
The Maximum Entropy Method
Multiaccess, Mobility and Teletraffic for Personal Communications
Brain Tumors Their Biology and Pathology 3rd Revised Edition
Some Aspects of Queueing and Storage Systems 1st Edition, Reprint
Frozen Section Library : Lymph Nodes
Computer Games II 1st Edition, Reprint
Nucleic Acids in the Environment
Internet and Network Economics 7th International Workshop, WINE 2011, Singapore, December 11-14, 201
Services in Economic Thought Three Centuries of Debate
Earth System Monitoring Selected Entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technol
Das Japanische Beschäftigungssystem in Der Krise
Programming Languages 16th Brazilian Symposium, SBLP 2012, Natal, Brazil, September 23-28, 2012, Pro
Topics in Control and its Applications A Tribute to Edward J. Davison
Bioinformatics Research and Applications 9th International Symposium, ISBRA 2013, Charlotte, NC, USA
The Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors
Progress in Toxicology, Vol. 1 Special Topics
Philosophy of Educational Knowledge An Introduction to the Foundations of Science of Education, Phil
Economics and Preventing Healthcare Acquired Infection
Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry 3rd Edition, Reprint
Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects 7th International Conference, AMDO 2012, Port dAndratx, M
CIMOSA Open System Architecture for CIM 2nd Revised Edition
Mechanics of Solids, Vol. III Theory of Viscoelasticity, Plasticity, Elastic Waves and Elastic Stabi
Strain Measurement in Biomechanics 1st Edition, Reprint
Cerebral Aneurysms Advances in Diagnosis and Therapy
Unified Symmetry In the Small and in the Large 2 1st Edition, Reprint
Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Health 1st Edition, Reprint
Humiliation, Degradation, Dehumanization Human Dignity Violated
Global Usability
The First 30 Years of the ESPR The History of Pediatric Radiology in Europe 1st Edition, Reprint
Business Object Design And Implementation II Oopsla 96, Oopsla 97, and Oopsla 98 Workshop Proceed
The Second Spy The Books of Elsewhere, Vol. 3
Pregnancy Yoga 1st Edition
Edemocracy & Egovernment Stages of a Democratic Knowledge Society
Behind the Dream The Making of the Speech that Transformed a Nation
Molecular Genetic Pathology 2nd Edition
The "I Hate to Exercise
Dracula The Graphic Novel : Quick Text
Informatics Engineering and Information Science, Part II International Conference, ICIEIS 2011, Kual
Altruistic Reveries Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences 1st Edition, Repeint
Advances in Downy Mildew Research
Technological Change, Employment and Spatial Dynamics Proceedings of an International Symposium on T
Postoperative Epidural Opioids
Oxidative Stress and Redox Regulation
Control of Integral Processes with Dead Time
Principles of Renal Physiology 5th Edition
Fire Properties of Polymer Composite Materials
Geometry by Its History
Heparin-A Century of Progress
The SAGES Manual of Hernia Repair
Aggregate Money Demand Functions Empirical Applications in Cointegrated Systems
Comparative Issues in the Governance of Research Biobanks Property, Privacy, Intellectual Property,
Boiling Heat Transfer in Dilute Emulsions
Color Medical Image Analysis
Monitoring the Nervous System for Anesthesiologists and Other Health Care Professionals
Nuclear Endocrinology
Years Of Plenty, Years Of Want France And The Legacy Of The Great War
Non-Universal Superconducting Gap Structure in Iron-Pnictides Revealed by Magnetic Penetration Depth
Moving Target Defense II Application of Game Theory and Adversarial Modeling
The Janus Fluid A Theoretical Perspective
Deep Crustal Structure of the Son-Narmada-Tapti Lineament, Central India
Nature and Significance of the Recent Carbonate Mound Record The Mound Challenger Code
Stochastic Differential Equations in Infinite Dimensions With Applications to Stochastic Partial Dif
Territoriality in the Globalizing Society One Place or None?
Female Breast Examination A Theoretical and Practical Guide to Breast Diagnosis 1st Edition, Reprint
FM 2012 : Formal Methods 18th International Symposium, Paris, France, August 27-31, 2012. Proceeding
Temporal Order Proceedings of a Symposium on Oscillations in Heterogeneous Chemical and Biological S
The Vertebrate Organizer
The Pathology of the Endocrine Pancreas in Diabetes
Monoclonal Antibodies
Restoring Lands - Coordinating Science, Politics and Action Complexities of Climate and Governance
Electronic Banking The Ultimate Guide to Business and Technology of Online Banking 1st Edition, Repr
Advanced Algorithmic Approaches to Medical Image Segmentation State-of-the-Art Applications in Cardi
Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages 13th International Symposium, PADL 2011, Austin, TX, USA,
Safety in Tritium Handling Technology Based on the lectures Given During the Eurocourse on Safety i
Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence VIII
Timing Analysis and Optimization of Sequential Circuits 1st Edition, Reprint
Multiresolution Image Shape Description
Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Users Diversity 6th International Conference, UAHCI
Statistics Applied to Clinical Studies 5th Edition
Industrial Applications of Evolutionary Algorithms
The Pharmacology of Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse and Addiction
Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2013 Proceedings of the International Conferen
New Targets in Inflammation Inhibitors of COX-2 or Adhesion Molecules Proceedings of a Conference He
DNA Replication The Regulatory Mechanisms
Imaging of the Brain in Psychiatry and Related Fields
Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Algorithms Interdisciplinary Applications
Bacteria and Complement 1st Edition, Reprint
Psychological Basis of Perfumery 4th Edition
The Stability of a Macroeconomic System with Quantity Constraints Softcover Reprint of the Original
Computing with T.Node Parallel Architecture Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition. 1991
Evolutionary Hierarchical Multi-Criteria Metaheuristics for Scheduling in Large-Scale Grid Systems
Regulated Proteolysis in Microorganisms
Intraoperative Imaging
Antimicrobial Food Additives Characteristics Uses Effects Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edit
Frontiers in Global Optimization
Marketing Issues in Transitional Economies 1st Edition, Reprint
International Financial Integration
Infection Control in Intensive Care Units by Selective Decontamination The Use of Oral Non-Absorbabl
Spectra of Random and Almost-Periodic Operators 1st Edition, Reprint
Development Cooperation Policy in Forestry from an Analytical Perspective
Atlas of Trichoscopy Dermoscopy in Hair and Scalp Disease
Phonon Scattering in Condensed Matter V Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference Urbana, Il
The Reticuloendothelial System and Immune Phenomena Proceedings of the Ludwig Aschoff Memorial Meeti
Stochastic Transport Processes in Discrete Biological Systems
Prostaglandins and Leukotrienes in Gastrointestinal Diseases
Random Linear Operators
Exciton Polaritons in Microcavities New Frontiers
Performance and QoS of Next Generation Networking Proceedings of the International Conference on the
Speech Acts Theory and Pragmatics
Geomagnetic Observations and Models
Land Change Science Observing, Monitoring and Understanding Trajectories of Change on the Earth&
Applied Photometry, Radiometry and Measurements of Optical Losses
Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 98
Advances in Solid State Physics, Vol. 46
Data Mining : Foundations and Intelligent Paradigms, Vol. 3 Medical, Health, Social, Biological and
How Institutions Change Perspectives on Social Learning in Global and Local Environmental Contexts S
Control and Modeling of Complex Systems Cybernetics in the 21st Century Festschrift in Honor of Hide
Radiology Today 1 Proceedings of the Multinational Postgraduate Course, Held in Salzburg, June 12-15
Laser Diode Beam Basics, Manipulations and Characterizations
Developing Synthetic Transport Systems
Multiphysical Testing of Soils and Shales
Thyroid Cancer Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1998
EpithelialMesenchymal Interactions in Cancer
Immune Homeostasis Methods and Protocols
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgical Emergencies
Nonlinear Behaviour and Stability of Thin-Walled Shells
Lepidoptera Conservation in a Changing World
Earthquake Data in Engineering Seismology Predictive Models, Data Management and Networks
Offbeat Integral Geometry on Symmetric Spaces
On the (Im)Possibility of Business Ethics Critical Complexity, Deconstruction, and Implications for
The Reticuloendothelial System and Atherosclerosis Proceedings of an International Symposium on Athe
Introduction to Cryptography Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 2001
Selected Correspondence
Olivocerebellar Projection A Review
Algal Cell Motility
Methods and Procedures for Building Sustainable Farming Systems Application in the European Context
Integrated Optical Interconnect Architectures for Embedded Systems
Eta Products and Theta Series Identities
Stochastic Analysis of Offshore Steel Structures An Analytical Appraisal
Cardiac Arrhythmias 2003 Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Cardiac Arrhythmias (Venic
Does Development Aid Affect Conflict Ripeness? The Theory of Ripeness and Its Applicability in the C
Advanced Asymmetric Synthesis State-Of-The-Art and future trends in feature technology
Analysis and Control of Boolean Networks A Semi-tensor Product Approach
A Proof Theory for Description Logics
Stability and Stabilization of Infinite Dimensional Systems with Applications 1st Edition, Reprint
Mechanisms of Lymphocyte Activation and Immune Regulation Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edit
Imperfect General Equilibrium The Economy as an Evolutionary Process: Individualistic, Discrete, Det
Conservation in Highly Fragmented Landscapes
Scripts and Literacy Reading and Learning to Read Alphabets, Syllabaries and Characters
Consensus and Synchronization in Complex Networks
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Scrapie, BSE and Related Human Disorders Softcover Reprint
The Mammalian Egg Coat Structure and Function
Magnetic Phase Transitions Proceedings of a Summer School at the Ettore Majorana Centre, Erice, Ital
Solar Flare Magnetic Fields and Plasmas
Advances in Location-Based Services 8th International Symposium on Location-Based Services, Vienna 2
Quality in Frozen Food 1st Edition, Reprint
Techniques in Speech Acoustics 1st Edition, Reprint
Light Pollution Responses and Remedies
A Dynamic Theory of the Firm Production, Finance and Investment Softcover Reprint of the Original 1s
Negotiated Risks International Talks on Hazardous Issues
Calcium Antagonists A Critical Review
Search for the Ultimate Energy Source A History of the U.S. Fusion Energy Program
Serious Fun with Flexagons A Compendium and Guide
Corporate Governance and Expected Stock Returns Empirical Evidence from Germany
Multisensory Imagery
Medicinal Plants of Central Asia Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
The History of Problem Gambling Temperance, Substance Abuse, Medicine and Metaphors
New Materials for Thermoelectric Applications Theory and Experiment
Observational Evidence for Black Holes in the Universe Proceedings of a Conference held in Calcutta,
The Climate Near the Ground
Trends in Bank Credit and Finance 1st Edition, Reprint
The Handbook of Metabolomics
Light in Biology and Medicine, Vol. 2
Nonlinear Deformation Waves Symposium, Tallinn, Estonian SSR, USSR August 2228, 1982 Softcover Repr
Psychoneuroimmunology Methods and Protocols
Perinatal Pathology
Long-Term Climatic Variations Data and Modelling
Basics of Laser Physics For Students of Science and Engineering
Nonlinear Filters Estimation and Applications
Der Inoperable Krebskranke Möglichkeiten der Therapie in Klinik und Praxis
IUTAM Symposium on Multi-Functional Material Structures and Systems Proceedings of the the IUTAM Sym
Intelligent Systems for Crisis Management Geo-Information for Disaster Management (Gi4DM) 2012
Data Networks with Satellites Working Conference of the Joint GI/NTG Working Group ”Computer Network
Sustainable Assessment Method for Energy Systems Indicators, Criteria and Decision Making Procedure
The Effect of Managerial Experiences on Strategic Sensemaking
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University Engagement with Socially Excluded Communities
Erziehung Krimineller Jugendlicher in Kriminalpadagogischen Institutionen
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Fractures with Soft Tissue Injuries
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Discrete Time Series, Processes, and Applications in Finance
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Photoelastic and Electro-Optic Properties of Crystals
Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuit Design EDA, Design and Microarchitectures
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Multimedia Signals and Systems
World Views and Scientific Discipline Formation Science Studies in the German Democratic Republic Pa
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Instability, Transition and Turbulence
The Impact of Corporate Venture Capital Potentials of Competitive Advantages for the Investing Compa
Robot Colonies
The Reversal
Mindful Living with Asperger Syndrome Everyday Mindfulness Practices to H
The Nightstalker
A Concise Introduction to Linear Algebra
Kosten-und Leistungsrechnung
Pro Multithreading and Memory Management for iOS and OS X With ARC, Grand Central Dispatch, and Bloc
Excel unter Windows Eine anwenderorientierte Einführung mit dem PC
Die erfolgreichsten Geschäftsbriefe Tipps, Checklisten und mehr als 250 Musterbriefe
Die Wechseljahre der Frau, Vol. 4 Aktualität und Geschichte, 17721996
Sichtweisen der Informatik
Honorarkürzung und Schadensersatz wegen unwirtschaftlicher Behandlungs- und Verordnungsweise im Kass
Maiden Names
Junkers Ju 87 Stuka
Excel 2010 Basic
Impact of Genetic Targets on Cancer Therapy
A Clearing of the Way
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Theory of Vector Optimization
Produktionsmengen-Und-Terminplanung bei mehrstufiger Linienfertigung
Manual of Cable Osteosyntheses History, Technical Basis, Biomechanics of the Tension Band Principle,
The Hatfield Photographic Lunar Atlas
Privatizing Eastern Europe The Role of Markets and Ownership in the Transition
Modal and Temporal Properties of Processes
Global Overshoot Contemplating the World Converging Problems
The Sun is Feminine A Study on Language Acquisition in Bilingual Children
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Agricultural Markets Beyond Liberalization
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Parametric Electronics An Introduction
Numerical Methods for Differential Equations, Optimization, and Technological Problems Dedicated to
New Venture Management Erfolgreiche Lösung von Innovationsproblemen für Technologie-Unternehmen Soft
Biomarkers Research and Application in the Assessment of Environmental HealthProceedings of the NATO
Turbulent Shear Flows 8 Selected Papers from the Eighth International Symposium on Turbulent Shear F
Subtle Knife
Discriminative Stimulus Properties of Drugs
I Know You Like to Smoke, but You Can Quite Now The New Science-Based Way to Stop Smoking for Good
4th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam
Nanomaterial Interfaces in Biology
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Statistische Methoden und Pc-Einsatz
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Image-Guided Cancer Therapy
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Natural Gas Hydrates
Geospatial Tools for Urban Water Resources
Laser-Plasma Interactions and Applications
Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas Bantam Trade Paperback Reissue
Exclusionary Rules in Comparative Law
Ecophysiology and Responses of Plants Under Salt Stress
Life on Earth and Other Planetary Bodies
Dialogical Genres Empractical and Conversational Listening and Speaking
All Things are Possible through Prayer
Service Tax Guidelines - 2002-03 : Know Your Liabilities and Obligations alongwith Law and Procedure
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High Speed CMOS Design Styles
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Ageing and the Glass Transition 1st Edition
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High-Functioning Individuals with Autism 1st Edition
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Phase Transitions and Self-Organization in Electronic and Molecular Networks 1st Edition
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Primary Hematology 1st Edition
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Language and Translation in International Commercial Arbitration From the Constitution of the Arbitr
Tradition and Change in Administrative Law An Anglo-German Comparison
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Monoclonal Antibody Protocols 1st Edition
Milk Quality
Insecticide Biochemistry and Physiology 1st Edition
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Applications of Circularly Polarized Radiation Using Synchrotron and Ordinary Sources
Polymers in Solution 1st Edition
Bioanalysis of Drugs and Metabolites Especially Anti-Inflammatory and Cardiovascular 1st Edition
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Treatment of Radiation Injuries 1st Edition
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Radiation Curing Science and Technology 1st Edition
Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, Lipoxins, and PAF Mechanisms of Action, Molecular Biology and Clinical
Compound and Josephson High-Speed Devices 1st Edition
Methodological Issues in AIDS Behavioral Research 1st Edition
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Current Research in Sports Sciences 1st Edition
Materials Synthesis and Characteriztion 1st Edition
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Electromagnetic Absorption in the Copper Oxide Superconductors 1st Edition
Genetic Information Acquisition, Access, and Control 1st Edition
Social Networks, Drug Injectors Lives, and HIV/AIDS 1st Edition
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European Geothermal Update
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The Logical Foundations of the Marxian Theory of Value
Metalloporphyrins Catalyzed Oxidations
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The Elderly in, 2005 : Health and Care Updated Scenarios on Health and Aging, 1990-2005 Scenario Re
The Practice of Forensic Neuropsychology Meeting Challenges in the Courtroom 1st Edition
Microphysics of Clouds and Precipitation
Information Dynamics and Open Systems Classical and Quantum Approach 1st Edition
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Feedback Amplifiers Theory and Design 1st Edition
Teacher Thinking, Beliefs and Knowledge in Higher Education 1st Edition
Packaging, Policy and the Environment 1st Edition
Characteristics of Microbial Pathogens Characteristics of Microbial Pathogens 1st Edition
Science and Culture 1st Edition
Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Agricultural Production Systems 1st Edition
Interpretability Issues in Fuzzy Modeling 1st Edition
Wild Urban Woodlands New Perspectives for Urban Forestry 1st Edition
Stochastic Processes in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology 1st Edition
High-Resolution Imaging and Spectrometry of Materials 1st Edition
Measurement Uncertainty in Chemical Analysis 1st Edition
Degradable Aliphatic Polyesters
Engineering Ceramics 1st Edition
Statistical Modeling, Analysis and Management of Fuzzy Data 1st Edition
Measuring Performance in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (The Jossey-Bass Nonprofit and Public Ma
Elementary Economic Evaluation in Health Care
O-level Question and Answer Computer Peripherals and Networking
Liquid Phase Sintering
Silane Coupling Agents 2nd Edition
Corrosion and Electrochemistry of Zinc 1st Edition
Philosophy of Geometry from Riemann to Poincaré
Environmental Micropaleontology
Complex Medical Engineering 1st Edition
Als die Wörter tanzen lernten Ursprung und Gegenwart von Sprache 1st Edition
Design and Analysis of Analog Filters - A Signal Processing Perspective 1st Edition
New Learning 1st Edition
Functionalized Nanoscale Materials, Devices and Systems Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Insti
The False Friend
Great Gain of Godliness
Combined Antimicrobial Therapy
Taxonomies for the Development and Verification of Digital Systems
The Preparation of Monetary Policy Essays on a Multi-Model Approach
The Maintenance Management Framework Models and Methods for Complex Systems Maintenance 1st Edition
The Male in Farm Animal Reproduction
Continuum Thermomechanics The Art and Science of Modelling Material Behavior a Volume Dedicated to P
Clinical Challenges in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment
Advances in Stochastic Simulation Methods Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 2000
Advanced Design of Mechanical Systems From Analysis to Optimization
Biotechnology and Bioactive Polymers
Iodine Deficiency in Europe A Continuing Concern
Dictyostelium discoideum Protocols
Fundamentals of Space Biology Research on Cells, Animals, and Plants in Space 1st Edition
Mobilizing Adults for Positive Youth Development Strategies for Closing the Gap between Beliefs and
Modelling Extremal Events For Insurance and Finance
Turbulence, Waves and Instabilities in the Solar Plasma
Nonviral Vectors for Gene Therapy Methods and Protocols
Geology and Habitability of Terrestrial Planets
Clinical Research in Diabetes and Obesity, Vol. 2
The Climate of Europe Past, Present and Future : Natural and Man-Induced Climatic Changes : A Europ
Global Aspects of Complex Geometry
Speech Acts, Mind, and Social Reality Discussions with John R. Searle
Neuropsychological Explorations of Memory and Cognition Essays in Honor of Nelson Butters
Chromosome Analysis Protocols 1st Edition
Fusion of Biological Membranes and Related Problems
Functional Dyspepsia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome Concepts and Controversies
The 2nd International Conference on Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics Refereed and selected contributi
The Chemical Industry in Europe, 1850-1914 Industrial Growth, Pollution and Professionalization
X-Ray Instrumentation for the Photon Factory Dynamic Analyses of Microstructures in Matter
Customer-based IP Service Monitoring with Mobile Software Agents 1st Edition
Tamoxifen Beyond the Antiestrogen 1st Edition
Reviews in Fluorescence 2005
Continuum Methods of Physical Modeling Continuum Mechanics, Dimensional Analysis, Turbulence
Trends in European Forest Tree Physiology Research Cost Action E6: Eurosilva
Economics and Management of Climate Change Risks, Mitigation and Adaptation
Atlas of Selective Sentinel Lymphadenectomy for Melanoma, Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer
Development of Societies: The Next Twenty-Five Years Proceedings of the 25th Anniversary Conference,
The Event of Death A Phenomenological Enquiry
Astronomical Optics and Elasticity Theory Active Optics Methods
The Pantanal of Poconé Biota and Ecology in the Northern Section of the World&am
Electroweak Symmetry Breaking The Bottom-Up Approach
Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Drug Metabolism and Transport
Plurality, Conjunction and Events
Star Clusters Proceedings of the 85th Symposium on the International Astronomical Union held in Vict
Laser Interactions with Atoms, Solids and Plasmas
Xenopus Protocols Cell Biology and Signal Transduction Reprint
Computational Plasticity
Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences 1994 Reprint
Group 13 Chemistry I
Human-Computer Interaction Symposium IFIP 20th World Computer Congress, Proceedings of the 1st TC 13
Molecular Biology in Blood Transfusion Proceedings of the 24th International Symposium on Blood Tran
Mycoplasma Protocols Reprint
Biotechnology An international symposium, Science Education and Commercialization
Damage and Fracture of Composite Materials and Structures
Nanostructured Materials and Their Applications
"The main Business of natural Philosophy"
Precipitation Modeling and Quantitative Analysis 1st Edition
A Legacy for Living Systems Gregory Bateson as Precursor to Biosemiotics
Antibiotic Discovery and Development
Understanding Nature Case Studies in Comparative Epistemology
Franz Rosenzweig Philosophy of Existence An Analysis of his Book The
Innovative Materials and Techniques in Concrete Construction
Advanced Web Technologies and Applications 6th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, APWeb 2004, Hangzhou, Ch
Fundamental Questions of Practical Cosmology Exploring the Realm of Galaxies 1st Edition
21st Century Literacy If We Are Scripted, Are We Literate?
Topological Degree Approach to Bifurcation Problems 1st Edition
Voice over IP in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks Signaling, Mobility and Security
Thiamine Deficiency and Associated Clinical Disorders
A Logical Approach to Philosophy Essays in Honour of Graham Solomon
The Theory of Cubature Formulas
Algebras, Rings and Modules, Vol. 2
Variation-Aware Analog Structural Synthesis A Computational Intelligence Approach
Foundations of Computational Intelligence, Vol. 2 Approximate Reasoning (Studies in Computational In
Fuzzy Logic Applications in Engineering Science
From Child Welfare to Child Well-Being An International Perspective on Knowledge in the Service of P
The Near-Surface Layer of the Ocean Structure, Dynamics and Applications
Gender Policy and HIV in China Catalyzing Policy Change
The God Beyond Belief In Defence of William Rowe
The Ecology of Bruchids Attacking Legumes (Pulses) Proceedings of the International Symposium held a
Applications of Fourier Transform to Smile Modeling Theory and Implementation
The DARPA Urban Challenge Autonomous Vehicles in City Traffic
The Complexity of Proceduralized Tasks
Applying Fuzzy Mathematics to Formal Models in Comparative Politics
Globalization, Education and Social Justice 1st Edition
Governing Future Technologies Nanotechnology and the Rise of an Assessment Regime
The Basal Ganglia IX
The 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge The Great Robot Race
Around the Research of Vladimir Mazya III Analysis and Applications
Group and Ring Theoretic Properties of Polycyclic Groups 1st Edition
Ars Topica The Classical Technique of Constructing Arguments from Aristotle to Cicero
Asymptotic Cones and Functions in Optimization and Variational Inequalities
Teaching Africa Towards a Transgressive Pedagogy
Attitudes and Changing Contexts
Autonomous and Autonomic Systems : With Applications to NASA Intelligent Spacecraft Operations and E
Ultra Low Power Capacitive Sensor Interfaces
Helicases Methods and Protocols
Tropical Hardwood Utilization Practice and Prospects
Heterocyclic Antitumor Antibiotics
Sustainable Protein Production and Consumption : Pigs or Peas?
Heterocyclic Supramolecules II
Advances in Mathematical Economics, Vol. 5
Advances in Metaheuristics for Hard Optimization
High-Level Modeling and Synthesis of Analog Integrated Systems
Substantive Perspectivism An Essay on Philosophical Concern with Truth
Biodiversity and Ecophysiology of Yeasts
Structural Reliabilism Inductive Logic as a Theory of Justification
Symbiotic Fungi Principles and Practice
Stem Cells and Cancer
Bioinformatics, Vol. 1 Data, Sequence Analysis and Evolution
Husserls Logical Investigations in the New Century: Western and Chinese Perspectives
Spherical Inversion on SLn
Soil Heavy Metals 1st Edition
Identification of Damage Using Lamb Waves From Fundamentals to Applications 1st Edition
Software Configuration Management Using Vesta
Soft X-Ray Emission from Clusters of Galaxies and Related Phenomena
Biogeochemistry of Forested Catchments in a Changing Environment A German Case Study
Singular Reference : A Descriptivist Perspective
Blind Speech Separation
101 Youth Cricket Drills 1st Edition
Inevitable Aging? Contributions to Evolutionary-Demographic Theory
Shock-Wave Phenomena and the Properties of Condensed Matter
Brain Edema XI Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom,
Breathing, Feeding, and Neuroprotection
Calcium Signalling and Disease Molecular Pathology of Calcium
Self-Awareness, Temporality, and Alterity Central Topics in Phenomenology
Smallholder Tree Growing for Rural Development and Environmental Services Lessons from Asia
Careers of University Graduates Views and Experiences in Comparative Perspectives
Silicon-Based RF Front-Ends for Ultra Wideband Radios
Catalytic Carbonylation Reactions
Secondary Education at the Crossroads International Perspectives Relevant to the Asia-Pacific Region
Innovations in Swarm Intelligence
Scheduling for Parallel Processing 2nd Printing
Cell Engineering Apoptosis
Intelligent Autonomous Systems Foundations and Applications
Cartography in Central and Eastern Europe Selected Papers of the 1st ICA Symposium on Cartography fo
Interactive Video Algorithms and Technologies
Ionic Liquids 1st Edition
Rhizosphere : Achievements and Challenges
Interactions and Adaptation Strategies of Marine Organisms Proceedings of the 31st European Marine B
Intentional Acts and Institutional Facts Essays on John Searles Social Ontology
Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology 151
Researching Learning in Virtual Worlds
Reverse Chemical Genetics Methods and Protocols
IUTAM Symposium on Topological Design Optimization of Structures, Machines and Materials Status and
Regular and Chaotic Oscillations
Religion, Politics and Thomas Hobbes
Jets from Young Stars IV From Models to Observations and Experiments
Knowledge, Teaching and Wisdom
Reconstructionist Confucianism Rethinking Morality After the West 1st Edition
Reflections on the Problem of Consciousness
Knowledge Services Management Organizing Around Internal Markets
Recent Progress of Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering in Japan I With Contributions by Numerous
Recent Trends in Discourse and Dialogue
Reasoning with Rules An Essay on Legal Reasoning and its Underlying Logic
Reactive Oxygen Species in Plant Signaling
Laser Heterodyning
Raman Amplifiers for Telecommunications 2 Sub-Systems and Systems
Learning Communities In Practice
Lectures on Quantum Gravity
Levinas in Jerusalem: Phenomenology, Ethics, Politics, Aesthetics
Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Education Cross-Cultural Understandings 1st Edition
Light Absorption in Sea Water
Pumps, Transporters, and Ion Channels
Macro Roles for MicroRNAs in the Life and Death of Neurons 1st Edition
Malaria in South Asia Eradication and Resurgence During the Second Half of the Twentieth Century
Quantum Causality Conceptual Issues in the Causal Theory of Quantum Mechanics
Inductive Dependency Parsing
Management of Antimicrobials in Infectious Diseases Impact of Antibiotic Resistance 2nd Edition
Progress in Nano-Electro-Optics VII Chemical, Biological, and Nanophotonic Technologies for Nano-Opt
Marine, Freshwater, and Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation
Mathematical Modelling of Biosystems
Preservation of Timber in the Tropics
Preparation and Crystal Growth of Materials with Layered Structures
Tissue Culture in Forestry 1st Edition
Mechanical Systems, Classical Models, Vol. 3 Analytical Mechanics
The Welfare of Cattle
Political Economies of Landscape Change Places of Integrative Power
Bonded Magnets Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held in Newark, U.S.A., from 22 t
Physics of Black Holes
Photonic Crystal Fibers Properties and Applications 1st Edition
Photoelectrochemistry, Photocatalysis and Photoreactors Fundamentals and Developments Proceedings of
Philosophy of Development Reconstructing the Foundations of Human Development and Education
Philosophy and Education Accepting Wittgenstein Challenge
Perspectives on Spatial Data Analysis 1st Edition
Persistent Object Systems 9th International Workshop, POS-9, Lillehammer, Norway, September 6-8, 200
The Question of Being in Husserl Logical Investigations
Paraoxonases in Inflammation, Infection, and Toxicology 1st Edition
p-Adic Automorphic Forms on Shimura Varieties
Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXI
Ovarian Cancer 2nd Edition
Organic Farming, Pest Control and Remediation of Soil Pollutants
Operational Spacetime Interactions and Particles 1st Edition
Memories from Darkness Archaeology of Repression and Resistance in Latin America
Operational Efficiency in Forestry, Vol. 1 Analysis
Operational Amplifier Speed and Accuracy Improvement Analog Circuit Design with Structural Methodolo
OntoCAPE A Re-Usable Ontology for Chemical Process Engineering 1st Edition
Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy and Prognosis Breast Carcinoma
Microengineering in Biotechnology
miRNA Regulation of the Translational Machinery 1st Edition
Modelling Regional Scenarios for the Enlarged Europe European Competitiveness and Global Strategies
Nuclear Receptors Current Concepts and Future Challenges 1st Edition
Protective Relaying of Power Systems Using Mathematical Morphology 1st Edition
Linear and Integer Programming vs Linear Integration and Counting A Duality Viewpoint
Nonlinear Computational Geometry
The Paraoxonases : Their Role in Disease Development and Xenobiotic Metabolism
Fuzzy Logic for Planning and Decision Making
Monetary Policy and the German Unemployment Problem in Macroeconomic Models Theory and Evidence
New Perspectives in Wood Anatomy Published on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Internatio
New Directions in Regional Economic Development
New Directions in Human Information Behavior
New Aspects in Phosphorus Chemistry V
New Aspects in Phosphorus Chemistry II
Harming Future Persons Ethics, Genetics and the Nonidentity Problem
Neurosciences at the Postgenomic Era
Network-on-Chip Architectures A Holistic Design Exploration 1st Edition
Natural Disasters as Interactive Components of Global Ecodynamics
Nation-Building, Identity and Citizenship Education Cross Cultural Perspectives
My Personal Adaptive Global NET (MAGNET) 1st Edition
Multiparameter Processes An Introduction to Random Fields
Multi-Objective Swarm Intelligent Systems Theory & Experiences
Climatic Change and its Impacts An overview focusing on Switzerland
Neurorehabilitation Technology
Formal Ontology and Conceptual Realism
Classical Marble : Geochemistry, Technology, Trade Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Worksho
Classic Works of the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Belief Functions
Forging New Frontiers Fuzzy Pioneers I
Circuits and Systems for Future Generations of Wireless Communications
Chaos Concepts, Control and Constructive Use
Coercion and the State
Social Capital in the Knowledge Economy Theory and Empirics
Sustainable Human Resource Management A Conceptual and Exploratory Analysis from a Paradox Perspecti
Sulfur in Plants An Ecological Perspective
Prokaryotic Genomics
Precision Temperature Sensors in CMOS Technology
Powerful Pedagogy Self-Study of a Teacher Educators Practice
Mathematics of DNA Structure, Function and Interactions 1st Edition
Polymer Membranes/Biomembranes
Computer Science in Perspective Essays Dedicated to Thomas Ottmann
Consuming Music Together Social and Collaborative Aspects of Music Consumption Technologies
Control of Interactive Robotic Interfaces A Port-Hamiltonian Approach
Cornea and External Eye Disease Corneal Allotransplantation, Allergic Disease and Trachoma
Cross-Language Information Retrieval and Evaluation Workshop of Cross-Language Evaluation Forum, CLE
Cutting-edge issues in Business Ethics Continental Challenges to Tradition and Practice
Plant Tissue Culture Engineering
Modulated Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimetry Theoretical and Practical Applications in Po
Design of Observational Studies
Developments in 3D Geo-Information Sciences
Nonviolence and Peace Psychology
Brouwer meets Husserl On the Phenomenology of Choice Sequences
Mountains : Sources of Water, Sources of Knowledge
Distributed Communities on the Web Third International Workshop, DCW 2000, Quebec City, Canada, June
New and Evolving Infections of the 21st Century
Formalizing Medieval Logical Theories Suppositio, Consequentiae and Obligationes
Fodder Crops and Amenity Grasses 1st Edition
Competence and Vulnerability in Biomedical Research
DESider - A European Effort on Hybrid RANS-LES Modelling Results of the European-Union Funded Projec
Design and Analysis of DNA Microarray Investigations
Diabetes and the Brain 1st Edition
Diabetes, Insulin and Alzheimer Disease 1st Edition
Digitalization in Open Economies Theory and Policy Implications 1st Edition
Do They Walk Like They Talk? Speech and Action in Policy Processes
Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XVIII 1st Edition
Comparative and Global Pedagogies Equity, Access and Democracy in Education
Engineering Decisions for Life Quality How Safe is Safe Enough? 1st Edition
Comparative Information Technology Languages, Societies and the Internet
East Africa Grasses and Fodders Their Ecology and Husbandry
Eclipsing Binary Stars Modeling and Analysis 2nd Edition
Elasticity of Transversely Isotropic Materials
eLearning and Digital Publishing
European Integration and the Governance of Higher Education and Research
Electronic Structure and Magnetism of 3d-Transition Metal Pnictides 1st Edition
Electronics System Design Techniques for Safety Critical Applications
Emerging Conceptual, Ethical and Policy Issues in Bionanotechnology
Energy for a Warming World A Plan to Hasten the Demise of Fossil Fuels 1st Edition
Bone and Development 1st Edition
Coverage Control in Sensor Networks
Developing Multi-Database Mining Applications
Technology for Modelling Electrical Analogies, Engineering Practice, and the Development of Analogue
Guide to Three Dimensional Structure and Motion Factorization
Dynamic Population Models
Dynamic Taxonomies and Faceted Search Theory, Practice, and Experience
Persistence Pays U.S. Agricultural Productivity Growth and the Benefits from Public R&am
Environmental Politics in Southern Europe Actors, Institutions and Discourses in a Europeanizing Soc
Epigenetics and Disease Pharmaceutical Opportunities 1st Edition
Computational Neuroscience
Transitioned Media A Turning Point into the Digital Realm
Evolutionary Design of Intelligent Systems in Modeling, Simulation and Control
Oncofertility Ethical, Legal, Social, and Medical Perspectives
Fault-Tolerant Control Systems Design and Practical Applications
Kinetic Theory of the Inner Magnetospheric Plasma
Flexible AC Transmission Systems : Modelling and Control
Flavor Physics and the TeV Scale
Advances in Information and Intelligent Systems
Advances in Polaron Physics 1st Edition
Fault-tolerant Flight Control and Guidance Systems Practical Methods for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehic
Advancing Computing, Communication, Control and Management 1st Edition
Femtosecond Technology for Technical and Medical Applications
Tropical Rainforests and Agroforests Under Global Change Ecological and Socio-Economic Valuations 1s
Environmental and Material Flow Cost Accounting Principles and Procedures
Power Generation from Solid Fuels
Environmental Biology of European Cyprinids
Modelling Machine Emotions for Realizing Intelligence Foundations and Applications
Modelling Parasite Transmission and Control
Molecular Pathology of Hematolymphoid Diseases
The Evolution of Exudativory in Primates
Video Search and Mining
Handbook of Multicriteria Analysis
Natural Computing in Computational Finance, Vol. 3
Morphometrics for Nonmorphometricians
Shape-Memory Polymers
Intelligent Information Access
New Aspects of Mesozoic Biodiversity
Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Advances in Theory, Methodologies, Tools and Applications
Advances in Machine Learning II Dedicated to the memory of Professor Ryszard S. Michalski 1st Editio
Innovative Quick Response Programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management 1st Edition
ADIGMA A European Initiative on the Development of Adaptive Higher-Order Variational Methods for A
Frontiers in Brain Repair
Cognitive Systems
Biosystems Engineering I Creating Superior Biocatalysts
Production Engineering and Management under Fuzziness
Computational Intelligence in Power Engineering
Silicon Polymers
Advances in Machine Learning and Data Analysis 1st Edition
The Welfare of Domestic Fowl and Other Captive Birds 1st Edition
Finite Element Analysis of Beam-to-Beam Contact
Exploitation of Linkage Learning in Evolutionary Algorithms
Imagination and Critique Two Rival Versions of Historical Inquiry 1st Edition
Residential Location Choice Models and Applications
Plant Growth and Health Promoting Bacteria
Microbial Mats Modern and Ancient Microorganisms in Stratified Systems 1st Edition
Seaweeds and their Role in Globally Changing Environments
Endotoxins : Structure, Function and Recognition
A Critical Companion to Zoosemiotics People, Paths, Ideas
Red Algae in the Genomic Age
Proximal Soil Sensing
Authentic Professional Learning Making a Difference Through Learning at Work 1st Edition
Climate Time Series Analysis Classical Statistical and Bootstrap Methods
Natural Deduction, Hybrid Systems and Modal Logics
Electronic Engineering and Computing Technology
Advances in Design Methods from Modeling Languages for Embedded Systems and SoCs Selected Contribut
The Social Psychology of English as a Global Language Attitudes, Awareness and Identity in the Japan
Muslim Societies and the Challenge of Secularization : An Interdisciplinary Approach
Echoes from Eternity
Public Policy for Academic Quality Analyses of Innovative Policy Instruments
Pathogenic Yeasts 1st Edition
Heterogenized Homogeneous Catalysts for Fine Chemicals Production Materials and Processes
Flowering Plants. Eudicots Berberidopsidales, Buxales, Crossosomatales, Fabales p.p., Geraniales, Gu
Evaluating Entrepreneurship Education
The Relationship Between Organizational Structure and Organizational Ambidexterity
Towards Modern Collaborative Knowledge Sharing Systems
China Energy Economy
Visualization in Mathematics, Reading and Science Education
What So Good About Biodiversity?
Analog Circuit Design Low Voltage Low Power; Short Range Wireless Front-Ends; Power Management and D
Computer Animation and Simulation 2001 Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop in Manchester, UK, S
Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval International Symposium, CMMR 2003, Montpellier, France, May 2
Aging, Health, and Longevity in the Mexican-origin Population
Plate Stability by Boundary Element Method
Digital Signal Processing in Telecommunications European Project COST#229 Technical Contributions 1s
Wicked Autumn, Vol. 1 A Mystery
Mexican American Baseball in the Inland Empire
Participation in Fisheries Governance 1st Edition
Ryan McGinley Whistle for the Wind
Diagnosenschlüssel und Glossar psychiatrischer Krankheiten Deutsche Übersetzung der internationalen
Filialpolitik Rationalisierung und organisatorische Auswirkungen
Exploring Transculturalism A Biographical Approach
DV-Unterstützung strategischer Unternehmensplanung Beispiele und Expertensystemansatz
Der Beitrag der Informationsverarbeitung zum Fortschritt der Medizin 28. Jahrestagung der GMDS, Heid
Umverteilung, Effizienz und demographische Abhängigkeit von Rentenversicherungssystemen Eine modellt
Stationäre und schrumpfende Bevölkerungen Demographisches Null- und Negativwachstum in Österreich
Chirurgie der Knochen und Gelenke Konservative Knochenbruchbehandlung Prä- und postoperative Behandl
Das myoklonisch-astatische Petit Mal Eine Verlaufsform kleiner epileptischer Anfälle des Kindesalter
E-Business in der Immobilienwirtschaft Neue Chancen, Märkte und Marktteilnehmer
Klinische Forschung Hinweise und Checkliste für die Planung von therapeutischen Studien
Zentrale Filmografie Politische Bildung
Statistische Qualitätskontrolle Eine Einführung
Population Ageing-A Threat to the Welfare State? The Case of Sweden
Untersuchungen Ãœber Kohlenhydrate und Fermente II, 1908 1919
Der Arzt und sein Team Erfolgreiche Mitarbeiterführung in der Praxis
Erfolg ist eine Reise Der Weg zu Motivation und Persönlichkeit
Theorie der kognitiven Dissonanz und Konsumgüter-Marketing Der Beitrag der Theorie der kognitiven Di
Frankreich-Jahrbuch, 1999 Politik, Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft, Geschichte, Kultur
Neuropathische Schmerzen Symptomatik, Diagnostik, Therapiemöglichkeiten
Marktforschung Grundriß mit Fallstudien
Thrombosen und Embolien Arzthaftung
Chemisches Grundpraktikum Für chemisch-technische Assistenten, Chemielaborjungwerker, Chemielaborant
Die internationale Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit in der völkerrechtlichen Praxis der Bundesrepublik Deutsch
Social Capital Theory Towards a Methodological Foundation
Fraktionierung der Spurenelemente bei der Kristallisation
Umweltvertraglichkeit in der Abfallwirtschaft
50 Jahre Muskelrelaxanzien
Kategorien der Lebensgeschichte Ihre Bedeutung für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie
Zwischen Lust und Frust - Jugendsexualität in den 90er Jahren Ergebnisse einer repräsentativen Studi
Operations Research und Wissenbasierte Systeme Modelle, Konzepte, Perspektiven für betriebliche Anwe
Ernst Abbe
Die Erfindung der Balkanvölker Identitätspolitik zwischen Konflikt und Integration
Investment Strategies Optimization based on a SAX-GA Methodology
Einführung in die Psychologie 2nd Edition
Many-Body Methods in Quantum Chemistry Proceedings of the Symposium, Tel Aviv University 28 30 Aug
Modern Techniques for Nano- and Microreactors/-reactions
Molecular Mechanisms of Bacterial Infection via the Gut
Non-Bayesian Decision Theory Beliefs and Desires as Reasons for Action
Noise Reduction in Speech Processing
LDA Application Methods Laser Doppler Anemometry for Fluid Dynamics
Vibrations of Engineering Structures
Fluid Mechanics of Mixing Modelling, Operations and Experimental Techniques
Fixed Point Theory for Lipschitzian-type Mappings with Applications
Echoes of Betrayal
Morphology of Crystals Part A : Fundamentals Part B : Fine Particles, Minerals and Snow Part C : The
Compact Stars in Binaries 1st Edition
Developments in Geophysical Exploration Methods 1st Edition
Metaphors Figures of the Mind 1st Edition
Climate Change and Water Resources Planning Criteria
Determinants in the Evolution of the European Chemical Industry, 1900-1939 New Technologies, Politic
The Central Regions of the Galaxy and Galaxies 1st Edition
Reflective Equilibrium Essays in Honour of Robert Heeger 1st Edition
Electronic Packaging for High Reliability, Low Cost Electronics 1st Edition
Trematode Infections and Diseases of Man and Animals 1st Edition
Statistical Process Control in Industry Implementation and Assurance of SPC 1st Edition
Mössbauer Spectroscopy in Materials Science 1st Edition
Kazimierz Opalek Selected Papers in Legal Philosophy 1st Edition
Memory Improvement Implications for Memory Theory
Modern Classics Book 2 Cookies, Biscuits & Slices, Small Cakes, Cakes, Desserts, Hot Pudding
1000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas A Showcase of Creative Characters from Anime, Manga, Video
Accounting and Causal Effects Econometric Challenges
The Women Who Raised Me A Memoir
The Brave
Selling by Phone How to Reach and Sell to Customers in the Nineties 1st Edition
The Compleat Guide to Day Trading Stocks
How to Invest in Real Estate With Your IRA and 401K & Pay Little or No T
Spin Squeezing and Non-linear Atom Interferometry with Bose-Einstein Condensates
Unemployment and Inflation in Economic Crises
Tips and Traps When Selling a Home
The Boulevard Book: History, Evolution, Design of Multiway Boulevards
The Master Your Metabolism Calorie Counter
Voices from the Fields : Children of Migrant Farmworkers Tell Their Stories
Knights in Shining Armor
Thomas and Friends: The Close Shave (Thomas and Friends) (Step into Reading)
The Only Girl in the Car: A Memoir
The Sun Recorded Through History
A Single Pebble
Feast for 10
Toy Boat
Lives, Vol. 1 Theseus and Romulus. Lycurgus and Numa. Solon and Publicola
The Ultimate Cookie Book
My Mother Sari
Back Sense: A Revolutionary Approach to Halting the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain
Scandinavian Blue The Erotic Cinema of Sweden and Denmark in the 1960s and 1970s
Fish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man&
Christ in the Gospels of the Liturgical Year: Raymond E. Brown, SS (1928-1998): Expanded Edition wi
The Rape of Clarissa Writing, Sexuality, and Class Struggle in Samuel Richardson
A Basic Guide To Importing
Children of War: Voices of Iraqi Refugees
Loon Chase
Parallels and Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society
The Traveler (Fourth Realm Trilogy, Book 1)
Miles in Love (Miles Vorkosigan Series)
Tarantula (Heinemann Read and Learn: a Day in the Life: Rain Forest Animals)
Another World Instead: The Early Poems of William Stafford, 1937-1947
Good Morning, Garden
The Journal of Curious Letters (Book One of The 13th Reality Series)
Just Ask (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Kim, Book 1)
Ubuntu: I in You and You in Me
The Greek and Persian Wars 499-386 BC
Who Was Jesus?: Conspiracy in Jerusalem
Figuring Foreigners Out: A Practical Guide
Leonardo da Vinci The Complete Paintings and Drawings Illustrated Edition
Rainer und Rose-Marie Hagen: Masterpieces In Detail (GO)
Let the Nations Be Glad! DVD Study Guide
Tales of the Early World
Cell Proliferation and Cytogenesis in the Mouse Hippocampus
The Concept of Passivity in Husserl Phenomenology
Timing Techniques for Commodity Futures Markets Effective Strategy and Tactics for Short-Term and Lo
Sports from Hell My Search for the World&
Carrot City Designing for Urban Agriculture
Lesbian Psychologies EXPLORATIONS AND CHALLENGES 1st Edition
The Pickwick Papers
Rape Law Reform A Grassroots Revolution and Its Impact
Learn from Bobby Fischers Greatest Games
Navigating Nonfiction, Grade 5 [With Poster]
Career Ideas for Teens in Information Technology
Cancer Cytogenetics Methods and Protocols 2nd Edition
Instructional Design A Primer
De Dialectica by Augustine
Energy Conservation in Buildings Heating, Ventilation and Insulation
Electronic Properties of Inorganic Quasi-One-Dimensional Compounds, Part II Experimental
Strong Ground Motion Seismology
Se ... Ti
Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery 28
Chemical Ocular Burns EC 3.4.22-3.13New Understanding and Treatments
Z = 37- 62
Pensions More Information, Less Ideology : Assessing the Long-Term Sustainability of European Pensio
Matrix Isolation Spectroscopy
Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender Men and Women in the World Cultures Topics and
Mass Customization and Footwear Myth, Salvation or Reality? : A Comprehensive Analysis of the Adopti
Foundations of the Formal Sciences II Applications of Mathematical Logic in Philosophy and Linguisti
Clinical Evaluation of Anti-Tumor Therapy
Cell Growth and Cholesterol Esters
Mitochondria and the Heart Reprint
The Handbook of Economic Psychology
Talking Points in Dermatology - I
Farmers, Gene Banks and Crop Breeding Economic Analyses of Diversity in Wheat, Maize, and Rice
A Practical Guide to Head Injury Rehabilitation A Focus on Postacute Residential Treatment
Optical Measurement Methods in Biomechanics
Algorithms for Large Scale Linear Algebraic Systems, Applications in Science and Engineering Proceed
Multifunctional Mesoporous Inorganic Solids Reprint
Alfred Tarski and the Vienna Circle Austro-Polish Connections in Logical Empiricism Reprint
Modulational Interactions in Plasmas
Crystal Engineering The Design and Application of Functional Solids Reprint
Deformation Theory and Symplectic Geometry
Fracture Mechanics
Medical Data Analysis 4th International Symposium, ISMDA 2003, Berlin, Germany, October 9-10, 2003,
Solvent Extraction in Biotechnology Recovery of Primary and Secondary Metabolites Reprint
The Universe in Gamma Rays Reprint
Nuclear Cardiology in Everyday Practice
In the Sanctuary of Women A Companion for Reflection and Prayer
Giardia A Model Organism 1st Edition
University Rankings Theoretical Basis, Methodology and Impacts on Global Higher Education
Little Book of Man City: More Than 185 Blue Moon Quotes! (Little Book of Football)
Women, Gender, and Terrorism
The Changing University How Increased Demand for Scientists and Technology is Transforming AcademicI
Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Vol. 213 1st Edtion
Chaotic Flows Correlation Effects and Coherent Structures
Brain Mapping From Neural Basis of Cognition to Surgical Applications 1st Edition
New Perspectives on Affect and Learning Technologies 1st Edition
Innate Immune Regulation and Cancer Immunotherapy
Intelligent Leadership Constructs for Thinking Education Leaders
Natural Resources, Sustainability and Humanity A Comprehensive View
Local Structure from Diffraction Proceedings of a Conference held in Traverse City, Michigan, August
Optical Superresolution
Energy and the Wealth of Nations Understanding the Biophysical Economy 1st Edition
Automatic Fingerprint Recognition Systems
Functional Metal Oxide Nanostructures
Atomistic Properties of Solids (Springer Series in Materials Science)
The SAGES Manual of Quality, Outcomes and Patient Safety
The Economics of the National Football League The State of the Art
Minimally Invasive Surgery in Orthopedics Upper Extremity Handbook
Core Concepts in Renal Transplantation
Fuzziness Structural Disorder in Protein Complexes
New Perspectives in Statistical Modeling and Data Analysis Proceedings of the 7th Conference of the
Lead Free Solder Mechanics and Reliability
The Scioto Hopewell and Their Neighbors Bioarchaeological Documentation and Cultural Understanding 1
Dynamics of Civil Structures, Vol. 4 Proceedings of the 28th IMAC, A Conference on Structural Dynami
Periodic Review Inventory Systems Performance Analysis and Optimization of Inventory Systems Within
Advanced Biosignal Processing
Ducati 916 & 996 916, 916SP, 916SPS, Biposto, 955, 955SP
Vaccines against Allergies
Shiver Trilogy Boxset
Solar System Update
Optical Binding Phenomena Observations and Mechanisms
Modelling of Hydrological Processes in the Narew Catchment 1st Edition
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Storage 1st Edition
Bispecific Antibodies 1st Edition
25 Jahre Arbeitsgemeinschaft - 25 Jahre Arzthaftung Von der Krähentheorie bis zum groben Behandlungs
Arguing on the Toulmin Model New Essays in Argument Analysis and Evaluation
Breast Cancer in Women of African Descent
Plate Structures
Divinity Compromised A Study of Divine Accommodation in the Thought of John Calvin
The Demography and Epidemiology of Human Health and Aging 1st Edition
Socratic, Platonic and Aristotelian Studies : Essays in Honor of Gerasimos Santas
International Perspectives on Teachers and Lecturers in Technical and Vocational Education
Values Pedagogy and Student Achievement Contemporary Research Evidence
Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Fundamentals and Applications
Sperm Chromatin Biological and Clinical Applications in Male Infertility and Assisted Reproduction
Adenosine Deaminases Acting on RNA (ADARs) and A-to-I Editing
Cooperative Control Design A Systematic, Passivity-Based Approach
Dynamics and Balancing of Multibody Systems
Wolfgang Gentner Festschrift zum 100. Geburtstag
Antibodies, Vol. 1 + 2
Time Dependent Constitutive Behavior and Fracture/Failure Processes, Vol. 3 Proceedings of the 2010
Strategic and Tactical Decisions 2nd Edition
Handbook of Interpersonal Competence Research Reprint of the Original 1st Edition
Quantum Physics A Functional Integral Point of View 2nd Edition
Determination of the Geoid Present and Future Symposium No. 106, Milan, Italy, June 11-13, 1990 1st
Critical Essays on Language Use and Psychology
Acute Disorders of the Abdomen Diagnosis and Treatment
Nephrology Forum
Remote Assessment of Ocean Color for Interpretation of Satellite Visible Imagery A Review Reprint of
Threshold Models in Non-Linear Time Series Analysis Reprint of the Original 1st Edition
Maple O.D.E Lab Book Reprint of the Original 1st Edition 1996
Practical Benchmarking A Complete Guide
Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics Revised and Selected Papers from the International C
Caught Me a Big Un and Then I Let Him Go! : Jimmy Houston Bass Fishing Ti
Bioreactors for Tissue Engineering Principles, Design and Operation
Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications Proceedings of the CICA 2011
Mechanical Systems, Classical Models, Vol. 1 Particle Mechanics
Deformation Analysis in Soft Ground Improvement
General Chemistry for Colleges
Enumerative Theory of Maps
The Circle of Acquaintance Perception, Consciousness, and Empathy
Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXIII
Forest Regeneration Manual
Reachability Problems 4th International Workshop, RP 2010, Brno, Czech Republic, August 28-29, 2010.
Exploring Abstract Algebra with Mathematica 1st Edition
Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Vol. 4 Brain Tumors (Part 2)
Microelectronic Materials and Processes Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Il Ciocco,
Classical Music Top 40 Learn How to Listen to and Enjoy the 40 Most Popular and Important Pieces of
Quantum Mechanics A Modern and Concise Introductory Course 3rd Edition
Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products, Vol. 94
Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2011 8th International Symposium on Neural Networks, ISNN 2011, G
Climate Global Change and Local Adaptation 1st Edition
Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Vol. 5 Astrocytomas, Hemangioblastomas and Gangliogliomas
IUTAM Symposium on Combustion in Supersonic Flows Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Poitier
Virtual Worlds and Criminality
Wild Crop Relatives : Genomic and Breeding Resources Industrial Crops
Polyurethane Elastomers From Morphology to Mechanical Aspects
Wild Crop Relatives : Genomic and Breeding Resources Forest Trees 1st Edition
Opportunities in Engineering Careers 2nd Revised Edition
Asymmetric Catalysis from a Chinese Perspective
Polarimetric Detection, Characterization and Remote Sensing Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study I
The Flexible Professional in the Knowledge Society New Challenges for Higher Education
EKC2010 Proceedings of the EU-Korea Conference on Science and Technology
Combinatorial Designs Construction and Analysis
Fowler-Nordheim Field Emission Effects in Semiconductor Nanostructures
Satellite Geology and Photogeomorphology An Instructional Manual for Data Integration 1st Edition
Social Media Tools and Platforms in Learning Environments 1st Edition
Convex and Starlike Mappings in Several Complex Variables
The Pollination Biology of North American Orchids, Vol. 2 North of Florida and Mexico 1st Edition
The Elephant in the Room Stories About Cancer Patients and Their Doctors
Cell Signaling & Molecular Targets in Cancer
Theory and Application of Satisfiability Testing 14th International Conference, SAT 2011, Ann Arbor,
Extragalactic Radio Sources Proceedings of the 175th Symposium of the International Astronomical Uni
The Effects of Traffic Structure on Application and Network Performance
Advanced Sliding Mode Control for Mechanical Systems Design, Analysis and MATLAB Simulation
The Primo Vascular System Its Role in Cancer and Regeneration
Foundations of Incidence Geometry Projective and Polar Spaces
Abdominal Imaging
Children Spinal Disorders and Fractures
Giving Reasons A Linguistic-Pragmatic Approach to Argumentation Theory
Embedded Automation in Human-Agent Environment
Business Information Systems 14th International Conference, BIS 2011, Pozna, Poland, June 15-17, 201
NMR of Ordered Liquids
Enriched and Impoverished Environments Effects on Brain and Behavior
International Neurolaw A Comparative Analysis
Image Analysis and Recognition 8th International Conference, ICIAR 2011, Burnaby, BC, Canada, June 2
Molecular Defects in Cardiovascular Disease 1st Edition
New Narratives in Eighteenth-Century Chemistry Contributions from the First Francis Bacon Workshop,
Testing Software and Systems 23rd IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, ICTSS 2011, Paris, France, N
Quantum Triangulations Moduli Spaces, Strings, and Quantum Computing
Emerging Research in Web Information Systems and Mining International Conference, WISM 2011, Taiyuan
Advances in Digital Forensics VII 7th IFIP WG 11.9 International Conference on Digital Forensics, Or
Distance Expanding Random Mappings, Thermodynamical Formalism, Gibbs Measures and Fractal Geometry 1
Hypernumbers and Extrafunctions Extending the Classical Calculus
Chemistry of Phytopotentials : Health, Energy and Environmental Perspectives
Bio-Inspired Computing and Applications 7th International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC2
Hydrologic Time Series Analysis Theory and Practice
Lord Valentine&a
Polytopes, Rings, and K-Theory
Asynchronous Operators of Sequential Logic : Venjunction &am
Problem-Based Learning in Clinical Education The Next Generation
Vocational Education Purposes, Traditions and Prospects
Lake Biwa Interactions Between Nature and People
Materia Medica for Various Cancers
Pediatric Palliative Care : Global Perspectives
Lighter than Air Robots Guidance and Control of Autonomous Airships
Special Sciences and the Unity of Science
Management of Mountain Watersheds
Evidence Based Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 1st Edition
Transformative Approaches to New Technologies and Student Diversity in Futures Oriented Classrooms F
Angewandte Mathematik Mit Mathcad. Lehr-Und Arbeitsbuch Band 2 : Komplexe Zahlen Und Funktionen, Vek
Topologia Differenziale Lectures given at a Summer School of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Es
Global Tropical Cyclogenesis 2nd Edition
Stroke-Vascular Diseases
Human Factors Psychologie sicheren Handelns in Risikobranchen
JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2011/1
Pet Molecular Imaging and Its Biological Applications
Robust Statistics, Data Analysis, and Computer Intensive Methods In Honor of Peter Hubers 60th Birt
Able One
Critical Issues for the Development of Sustainable E-health Solutions
Dynamical Symmetries for Nanostructures Implicit Symmetries in Single-Electron Transport Through Rea
Beyond Individual Differences Organizing Processes, Information Overload and Classroom Learning
Emigrating Beyond Earth Human Adaptation and Space Colonization
The Forgotten Cure The Past and Future of Phage Therapies
Supersymmetry in Mathematics and Physics UCLA Los Angeles, USA 2010 1st Edition
Wild Crop Relatives : Genomic and Breeding Resources Tropical and Subtropical Fruits 1st Edition
Quantum Physics A Text for Graduate Students
Estuarine Cohesive Sediment Dynamics Proceedings of a Workshop on Cohesive Sediment Dynamics with Sp
Forest Island Dynamics in Man-Dominated Landscapes
A Primer of Multicast Routing
The Researching, Teaching and Learning Triangle 1st Edition
Computer Architecture ISCA 2010 International Workshops A4MMC, AMAS-BT, EAMA, WEED, WIOSCA, Saint-Ma
Improving Complex Systems Today Proceedings of the 18th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent
Guide to Geometric Algebra in Practice
The Pillow Book of the Flower Samurai
Polytopes : Abstract, Convex and Computational Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Sca
Gossans and Leached Cappings Field Assessment
Econodynamics 2nd Edition
Riveted Lap Joints in Aircraft Fuselage Design, Analysis and Properties
Technologies for Medical Sciences
The Plant Family Brassicaceae Contribution Towards Phytoremediation
Poverty Mosaics : Realities and Prospects in Small-Scale Fisheries
The Exploration of Supramolecular Systems and Nanostructures by Photochemical Techniques
Fatigue and Corrosion in Metals
Green Functions and Finite Elements
Internationale Unternehmensaktivität, Wechselkursrisiko und Hedging mit Finanzinstrumenten
Neue Techniken in der operativen Medizin
Der bewußtlose Patient
Computer Games and New Media Cultures A Handbook of Digital Games Studies
Fertility Preservation Emerging Technologies and Clinical Applications
Engineering Risks Evaluation and Valuation
Undoing Ethics Rethinking Practice in Online Research
Social Foundations of Human Space Exploration
Cyclic Homology in Non-Commutative Geometry - Operator Algebras and Non-Commutative Geometry
Aids, Drugs of Abuse, and the Neuroimmune Axis Proceedings of the Third Annual Symposium held in San
Plant Tolerance to Abiotic Stresses in Agriculture : Role of Genetic Engineering Proceedings of the
Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics
Power, Dominance, and Nonverbal Behavior
Progress in Mathematical Programming Interior-Point and Related Methods
Collision Theory and Statistical Theory of Chemical Reactions
Initial Rate Enzyme Kinetics Vol. 22 1st Reprint Edition
Comparative Analyses of Ecosystems Patterns, Mechanisms, and Theories
Fog and Dew Observations and Modeling
Wide-Field Spectroscopy Proceedings of the 2nd Conference of the Working Group of IAU Commission 9 o
Nonverbal Behavior A Functional Perspective
Distributed Hydrological Modelling
Mental Retardation and Mental Health Classification, Diagnosis, Treatment, Services
High Performance Computing in Fluid Dynamics Proceedings of the Summerschool on High Performance Com
Terahertz Imaging for Biomedical Applications Pattern Recognition and Tomographic Reconstruction
Applied Probability 2nd Edition
Ultrasound and Carotid Bifurcation Atherosclerosis
Robust Control Theory
Science of Olfaction
Classic Telescopes A Guide to Collecting, Restoring, and Using Telescopes of Yesteryear
Technological Innovations in Major World Oil Crops, Vol. 1 Breeding
The Physics of Invisibility A Story of Light and Deception
The Noether Theorems Invariance and Conservation Laws in the 20th Century
Moon Prospective Energy and Material Resources
Toward Anti-Adhesion Therapy for Microbial Diseases Proceedings of the Bat-Sheva Seminar held in Zic
Thyroid and Heart Failure From Pathophysiology to Clinics
Collaborating to Meet Language Challenges in Indigenous Mathematics Classrooms
Digital Mammography IWDM 2002 - 6th International Workshop on Digital Mammography
Under the Radar The First Woman in Radio Astronomy : Ruby Payne-Scott 2nd Printing Edition
Nonlinear and Convex Analysis in Economic Theory Reprint of the Original 1st Edition
Long-Term Forest Dynamics of the Temperate Zone A Case Study of Late-Quaternary Forests in Eastern N
Operations Research Proceedings 1994 Selected Papers of the International Conference on Operations R
Geochemical Approaches to Environmental Engineering of Metals
Quantum Mechanics Using Maple
Customer Relationship Management Concept, Strategy, and Tools
CR Submanifolds of Complex Projective Space 1st Edition
Studies in the Economics of Uncertainty In Honor of Josef Hadar
Nondestructive Evaluation of Materials Sagamore Army Materials Research Conference Proceedings 23
Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Community Corrections and Addiction Treatment
Primate Retina and Choroid Atlas of Fine Structure in Man and Monkey
Brain-Computer Interfaces Revolutionizing Human-Computer Interaction
The Multivariate Normal Distribution
Elements of Numerical Relativity and Relativistic Hydrodynamics From Einstein s Equations to Astrop
Emerging Raman Applications and Techniques in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Fields
The Evolving Role of Statistical Assessments as Evidence in the Courts
Evolutionary Learning Algorithms for Neural Adaptive Control
Mechanisms of Forest Response to Acidic Deposition
H.A. Kramers Tradition and Revolution
Desert Regions Population, Migration and Environment
Fundamentals of Electromagnetism
Language Comprehension A Biological Perspective 2nd Edition
Chemical Water and Wastewater Treatment V Proceedings of the 8th Gothenburg Symposium 1998 September
The Effectiveness of Methadone Maintenance Treatment Patients, Programs, Services, and Outcome
The Cerebral Perivascular Cells Reprint of the Original 1st Edition
Instabilities of Flows With and Without Heat Transfer and Chemical Reaction
Planets in Binary Star Systems
Advances in Soil Science
Advances in Immunity and Cancer Therapy, Vol. 1 With Contributions by Numerous Experts
Mesoscopic Physics of Complex Materials
Ego Identity A Handbook for Psychosocial Research
Local Geometry of the Fermi Surface And High-Frequency Phenomena in Metals
Oxidative Stress and Aging
Solitons Mathematical Methods for Physicists
Case Studies in Superconducting Magnets Design and Operational Issues 2nd Edition
Asymptotic Behavior and Stability Problems in Ordinary Differential Equations 3rd Edition
Control of Modern Integrated Power Systems 1st Edition
Immune Deficiency
The Handbook of Neuropsychiatric Biomarkers, Endophenotypes and Genes Vol. III : Metabolic and Perip
The Handbook of Neuropsychiatric Biomarkers, Endophenotypes and Genes Vol. II : Neuroanatomical and
Control and Optimal Design of Distributed Parameter Systems
Modeling Complex Phenomena Proceedings of the Third Woodward Conference, San Jose State University,
Secular Bioethics in Theological Perspective
ARMA Model Identification
Berelson on Population
Changing Conceptions of Crowd Mind and Behavior
Mechanics in Structural Geology
Residue Reviews Residues of Pesticides and Other Contaminants in the Total Environment
Children in Pain Clinical and Research Issues from a Developmental Perspective
Dynamics of Drivers of Organizational Change
Blood Stem Cell Transplantation 1st Edition, Reprint
East Asian Social Movements Power, Protest and Change in a Dynamic Region
Children Peer Relations Issues in Assessment and Intervention
Communication Systems and Information Technology Selected Papers from the 2011 International Confere
Gene Therapy Principles and Applications
The Local Information Dynamics of Distributed Computation in Complex Systems
Integrating History and Philosophy of Science Problems and Prospects
Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamic Engineering Systems IUTAM Symposium Innsbruck/Igls, Austria, June 2126
Practical Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis 2nd Edition
Micro Total Analysis Systems, Vol. 2 Proceedings of the µTAS 2002 Symposium, held in Nara, Japan, 3
From Twilight to Highlight The Physics of Supernovae : Proceedings of the Eso/Mpa/Mpe Workshop Held
Acoustical Imaging Proceedings of the 20th International Symposium Held in Nanjing, China, September
Measure Theory 1st Edition,Reprint
Computer-Aided Design in Magnetics
Relativity and the Dimensionality of the World
Aquinas, Education and the East
Geochemical Exploration of the Moon and Planets
Stochastic Processes A Festschrift in Honor of Gopinath Kallianpur
Information Hiding 13th International Conference, IH 2011, Prague, Czech Republic, May 18-20, 2011,
Dynamic Translinear and Log-Domain Circuits Analysis and Synthesis 1st Edition, Reprint
Wind Energy Meteorology Atmospheric Physics for Wind Power Generation
Enterprise Applications and Services in the Finance Industry 6th International Workshop, Financecom,
Science, Environment, Health Towards a Renewed Pedagogy for Science Education
Natural Resistance to Tumors and Viruses
Adjuvant Therapies and Markers of Post-Surgical Minimal Residual Disease I Markers and General Probl
Transcultural Areas
Multimedia Techniques for Device and Ambient Intelligence
Radioisotopic Methods in Hydrobiology
Micromachined Ultrasound-Based Proximity Sensors
Allergic Contact Dermatitis The Molecular Basis
Semiconducting Devices A Bibliography of Fabrication Technology, Properties, and Applications 1st Ed
Studying Cell Metabolism and Cell Interactions Using Microfluidic Devices Coupled with Mass Spectrom
Applied Interval Analysis With Examples in Parameter and State Estimation, Robust Control and Roboti
Posterior Fossa Tumors
State Space and Input-Output Linear Systems
History of Paleozoic Salt Accumulation 1st Edition, Reprint
Functional Kinetics Observing, Analyzing, and Teaching Human Movement 1st Edition
Immunological Screening and Immunotherapy in Critically Ill Patients with Abdominal Infections 1st E
Computing Statistics Under Interval and Fuzzy Uncertainty Applications to Computer Science and Engin
Developing Basic Space Science World-wide A Decade of Un/Esa Wo 1st Edition
Electrical, Information Engineering and Mechatronics, 2011 Proceedings of the 2011 International Con
Das Wohltemperierte Gehirn Wie Musik Im Kopf Entsteht Und Wirkt 1st Edition
Genetic Diseases of the Skin
Informational Limits in Optical Polarimetry and Vectorial Imaging
Money Illusion and Strategic Complementarity as Causes of Monetary Non-Neutrality 1st Edition, Repri
Physics in High Magnetic Fields Proceedings of the Oji International Seminar Hakone, Japan, Septembe
Development of Novel Hydrogen-Bond Donor Catalysts
Inducible Gene Expression, Vol. 1 Environmental Stresses and Nutrients
Bioethics Yearbook Regional Developments in Bioethics, 19911993 1st Reprint Edition
Risk Management and Hazardous Waste Implementation and the Dialectics of Credibility 1st Edition
Wave Propagation in Solids and Fluids
Trends and Topics in Computer Vision ECCV 2010 Workshops, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, September 10-11,
Scientific Issues in Quantitative Cancer Risk Assessment
Quasiclassical Methods 1st Edition, Reprint
Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming II Special lssue on Applying Patterns
Physics of Gravitating Systems II Nonlinear Collective Processes : Nonlinear Waves, Solitons, Collis
Computer Techniques in Radiation Transport and Dosimetry
Theory of Arched Structures Strength, Stability, Vibration
Solids under High-Pressure Shock Compression Mechanics, Physics, and Chemistry
Inelastic Analysis of Structures Under Variable Loads Theory and Engineering Applications
Nanoscale Photonics and Optoelectronics
Differential Equations with Discontinuous Righthand Sides Control Systems
The Cranium and Its Sutures Anatomy, Physiology, Clinical Applications and Annotated Bibliography of
Drug Therapy for the Elderly
Computational Subsurface Hydrology Reactions, Transport, and Fate 1st Reprint Edition
Fundamentals of Strategic Weapons Offense and Defense Systems 1st Edition, Reprint
Fluorescence Diagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy of Skin Diseases 1st Edition
Microsurgical Models in Rats for Transplantation Research
Intention Recognition, Commitment and their Roles in the Evolution of Cooperation From Artificial In
Histological Typing of Odontogenic Tumours 2nd Edition
Advances in Aerospace Guidance, Navigation and Control Selected Papers of the Second CEAS Specialist
Surgical Observations and Their Consequences Vorgelegt in der Sitzung Vom 18. November 1989 1st Repr
Concepts of Ecosystem Ecology A Comparative View
Analysis and Design of Univariate Subdivision Schemes
A Computational Model of Reasoning from the Clinical Literature 1st Reprint Edition
Trachea and Lung Surgery in Childhood
Mathematical Methods in Economics and Social Choice 1st Edition
Cell-Free Translation Systems
Histological Typing of Oesophageal and Gastric Tumours In Collaboration with Pathologists in 8 Count
Analytical Lung Pathology
Organotitanium Reagents in Organic Synthesis
The Eukaryotic Replisome A Guide to Protein Structure and Function
The Etiology of Human Breast Cancer Endocrine, Genetic, Viral, Immunologic and Other Considerations
Point Defects in Semiconductors and Insulators Determination of Atomic and Electronic Structure from
The New Faces of Victimhood Globalization, Transnational Crimes and Victim Rights
Variational and Finite Element Methods A Symbolic Computation Approach 1st Edition, Reprint
Complex Systems Design & Management Proceedings of the Third
Justice, Responsibility and Reconciliation in the Wake of Conflict
Planets, Stars and Stellar Systems, Vol. 6 Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology
Imaging Heat and Mass Transfer Processes Visualization and Analysis
Thermal Nanosystems and Nanomaterials
Coding Theory and Cryptography From Enigma and Geheimschreiber to Quantum Theory
Controversies in Acute Pancreatitis 1st Edtion
Math Talks for Undergraduates 1st Edition, Reprint
DNA-Technology and Its Forensic Application Proceedings of an International Symposium, Cologne, Sept
The Third Component of Complement Chemistry and Biology
Small Implants in Knee Reconstruction
Birch Reduction of Aromatic Compounds
Diet-Brain Connections Impact on Memory, Mood, Aging and Disease 1st Edition
Geostatistik in Der Baugrundmodellierung Die Bedeutung Des Anwenders Im Modellierungsprozess
Atmospheric Temperature Profiles of the Northern Hemisphere A Compendium of Data
CONCUR 2012- Concurrency Theory 23rd International Conference, CONCUR 2012, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sep
Kynurenine and Serotonin Pathways Proceedings of the International Study Group for Tryptophan Resear
Guide to Computer Network Security 2nd Edition
Sapphire Material, Manufacturing, Applications
Cholinergic Mechanisms and Psychopharmacology
Aerospace Sensor Systems and Applications
eCulture Cultural Content in the Digital Age
Blood Viscosity and Shock The Role of Hemodilution, Hemoconcentration and Defibrination 1st Edition
Toxicological Evaluations Potential Health Hazards of Existing Chemicals 1st Edition
Journeys to Data Mining Experiences from 15 Renowned Researchers
Markov Decision Processes and the Belief-Desire-Intention Model Bridging the Gap for Autonomous Agen
The Polish Language in the Digital Age
Improving the Quality of Child Custody Evaluations A Systematic Model
Advanced Mechatronics and MEMS Devices
Behavioral Neurobiology of Eating Disorders
Change and Continuity in Early Modern Cosmology
Collateral Circulation Heart, Brain, Kidney, Limbs 1st Edition, Reprint
Mechanically Gated Channels and their Regulation
Cases of Assessment in Mathematics Education An ICMI Study
Residue Reviews Residues of Pesticides and Other Contaminants in the Total Environment with Cumulati
Packetc Programming
Continuum Physics
Statistical Image Processing and Multidimensional Modeling
Isotopes in Palaeoenvironmental Research
Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes Proceedings of the Symposium on the Diabetic Heart sponsored by t
Advances in Cognitive Information Systems
The Cutaneous Arteries of the Human Body
The Science of Algal Fuels Phycology, Geology, Biophotonics, Genomics and Nanotechnology
Taurine Nutritional Value and Mechanisms of Action
Information Technologies in Biomedicine Third International Conference, ITIB 2012, Gliwice, Poland,
Cancer Genes Functional Aspects : Proceedings of the Seventh Pezcoller Symposium Held in Trento, Ita
Selected Topics in Clinical Oncology An In-Depth Study of 18 Cancers Usually Neglected in Classical
The Veins of the Posterior Fossa Normal and Pathologic Findings
The Many Faces of Health, Competence and Well-Being in Old Age Integrating Epidemiological, Psycholo
Coding for Channels with Feedback 1st Edition
Tracking Environmental Change Using Lake Sediments 5 Vols.
Electrical and Magnetic Methods of Non-Destructive Testing 2nd Edition
International Entrepreneurship Innovative Solutions for a Fragile Planet

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